No War

Like many people living in Hawaii, I was completely offended at the measly $700 per family in aid that Creepy, Sleepy, Traitorous, Criminal Joe Biden has committed to families who have been devastated by the very suspicious fires in Maui that decimated Lahaina and other areas of one of Hawaii’s most beautiful islands. While being protected by the US Secret Service in the comfort of his private beachside estate in Delaware, the decrepit poser had no comment and no words of solace for any of those affected – including hundreds of parent, who still do not know that fate of their children.

Meanwhile this clown continues to ask for billions more “aid” for Ukraine – where his son has made millions on suspect “business deals” and “employment”. Most of this “aid” is earmarked for military arms to help defend “democracy” – but our US tax dollars are actually funding pensions and salaries of many in the Ukrainian government – including their president, former actor, Vladimir Zelensky.

Money for Ukraine Not Maui

Not only are the US Citizens on Maui suffering with almost no help, our borders are wide wide open while drugs fueling a nationwide epidemic are being allowed into country. Many, many of our cities and towns are turning into zombie wastelands with our own citizens wandering around with mental issues, while criminals from other countries are being encouraged to illegally invade our Country.

BTW – I and I suppose many other people would love to see a list of our “elected” representatives and others who are making money from the Military Industrial Complex being funding with our tax dollars. It’s not just Nancy Pelosi and the “big guy” in charge of the Biden Crime Syndicate – there are many, many others making huge money on the backs of American tax dollars and lives of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers through stock profits, consultancies and other “employment”. Let’s stop anyone getting rich from war!

Bottom line: let’s help the people of Maui and other fellow Americans before we “help” other countries kill other people. Let’s spend our aid helping people, not killing people. #HelpMaui #AmericaFirst #NoWar

By Zen Chi

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