Sunrise from Koko Head Crater Trail Summit

Today I finally did the Koko Head Crater Trail, aka Koko Head Stairs or Koko Crater Trail. I have been wanting to do this hike for quite some time – and while it was rather challenging for an old Haole Man, the views were definitely worth it! My legs (especially my knee) is feeling it, but I took it rather easy – clocking in a time of about 70 minutes including time at the top to enjoy the sunrise and take a few photos.

One of the best blog posts that I have found about the Koko Head Crater Trail Hike is from the World Travel Guy – who also has some pretty awesome videos of his world wide travels on his YouTube channel.

Can you believe that rates the Koko Head Crater Trail hike as “Easy”? They definitely lose some credibility with that rating …

If you have enjoyed this hike – or plan to, consider donating to Kokonut Koalition. They’re a non-profit group that maintains the trail – and do a great job of doing so. If you are Koko Nuts – or want to be, join the KokoNut Challenge group on fakebook.

By Zen Chi

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