Beyer Leverkusen uses KA-EX for recovery from alcohol

KA-EX is a patented Swiss innovation developed for reducing damages and promoting recovery after drinking alcohol. In the 21/22 football season, top-level football clubs started prescribing KA-EX to the players, resulting in their best seasons in a long time.

Here’s the complete press release direct from Switzerland:

ph. AG, a start-up based in Switzerland, has developed KA-EX based on scientific studies with the specific goal to reduce the toxicity of alcohol in the body and promote the body’s natural recovery processes during sleep. “Excessive alcohol consumption leads to micro-inflammations, hyperacidity, secretion of the stress hormone, and impaired sleep quality. Based on scientific studies, KA-EX was developed to protect the body from damage due to excessive alcohol,” explains the founder and developer of the product, Pedro Schmidt. 

KA-EX is a powder-based drink that was launched in late 2017. With a modest beginning, today it has evolved into one of the best-selling nutritional supplements in Switzerland and is available across Europe. With the mainstream popularity of the product, another, rather unexpected effect was discovered. Pedro states, “After two years on the market, more and more athletes reported to us their great experiences in recovering after sports. Although not part of the original research, we also found out that intensive sports expose the body to micro-inflammations and hyperacidity, a rise in stress hormone levels, and reduced sleep quality. This explains why KA-EX is effective in recovering from the after-effects of alcohol and intensive sports activities.” 

Unexpected Results: The clubs using KA-EX excelled this season

During the recently concluded soccer season, some of the popular German and Swiss soccer clubs recommended KA-EX to their players. And the results were encouraging. In Switzerland, the underdog FC Zurich unexpectedly won the championship after almost being relegated a season before. In Germany, Bayer Leverkusen achieved an excellent third place; its best season in 10 years. Exceeding all expectations, Union Berlin, qualified for the European League, closing their best season ever achieved in its 106-year club history.

“We always scout the market for new providers and products. All interesting products go through a standardized product test, and we only sign new suppliers if we recognize a significant value add for the players in these tests. KA-EX was extensively tested for several weeks. It was given to the players after each training and after every game. The next day, all players reported how they felt. The players using KA-EX felt better, both physically and mentally. They felt agile and active,” says Dr. Dittmar of Bayer Leverkusen.

Union Berlin even went a step further to achieve its best result in history. As Martin Krüger states, “KA-EX is a top-notch product and we even made it mandatory to the players whenever there was more than one game per week.”

Pedro Schmidt started developing KA-EX during his master’s studies in pharmaceutical sciences at the prestigious Swiss university, ETH Zürich, home of Albert Einstein and many other Nobel Prize winners. 

Soon available in the US – Sports partnerships planned

The effects of KA-EX on sports recovery did not remain unnoticed by other athletes. “In 2020, we extended our positioning into sports, and today, we already support over 100 world-class athletes, including leading road cyclists, professional boxer, world-champion in motor racing, and several participants in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Recently, a Premier League club from England got in touch and signaled great interest in the product. The test phase is already underway,” says Pedro Schmidt. 

The company is currently growing at a rapid pace. After tripling sales revenue last year, KA-EX is now launching in France, Spain, and the UK. Later this year, it will become available in the U.S. “Our goal is to replicate our success story from Europe and to help an underdog win the NFL and NBA championship in 2023,” remarks Pedro. 

About KA-EX

KA-EX is a patented nutritional supplement with 25 ingredients. The powder-based product is consumed by mixing it with a glass of water. The product is recommended to be used after intensive sports or alcohol consumption. The scientifically tested substances shield the body from toxic damages of alcohol consumption, thereby preventing micro-inflammations. In addition, the recovery processes are accelerated overnight. Mental and physical fatigue is prevented and a normal level of well-being is maintained the next day. 

KA-EX was launched in September 2017 and achieved to become one of the Top-10 best-selling pharmacy articles in Switzerland, listed in all pharmacies, supermarket chains, and convenience stores.

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