John Cruz and Hutch Hutchinson Playing for Change Haole Man dot com

I just came across this Playing for Change YouTube video celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Robbie Robertson and The Bands great song The Weight from a couple of years ago. This Playing for Change version of The Weight features local musicians Taimane in Ka’a’awa Valley, as well as John Cruz and Hutch Hutchinson in Kualoa.

This video features an all-star cast of musicians from all over the globe – headlined by Ringo Starr of Beatles fame and Robbie Robertson who wrote and performed the song with The Band over 50 years ago. It is so great to see and hear such a diverse group of talented musicians playing “together” while in different parts of the world.

If this song does not make you feel good and give you some optimism about humanity, I don’t know what would. Music can heal and bring people together – pass it on!

Mahalo to Playing for Change sponsor a Made in USA manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces made in USA. We need more Made in USA companies stepping up to cause positive change here in the US and around the globe!

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