The next big thing since Twilight and NO ONE will hear about it! Unless…

Vancouver, BC: Denise Summers is the author of An Immortal Sacrifice. A fantasy romance novel, reviewers are calling the next Twilight and without funding, that’s all it will be-a fantasy.

After a whirlwind of interest from fans, An Immortal Sacrifice needed to be heard. On the high demand, the author Denise Summers commented. “It’s unfortunate. Without the help of the public, a wide audience will miss out on the opportunity.” The author needs $5,000 for marketing and has set up a campaign with Indiegogo.

About Denise Summers: An Immortal Sacrifice is Denise Summers’ break-out, debut novel in book stores on June 13th, 2022. built a community to help other indie and self-published authors promote their work.

Thank you and I truly appreciate your time and consideration,

Denise Summers

Author of An Immortal Sacrifice

By Zen Chi

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