Made in Hawaii Sold and Promoted by Haole Man

Yes, it’s true! Haole Man is looking for Made in Hawaii Products to Sell and Promote here at and via social media channels. Haole Man wants to use video (YouTube) and other social channels to promote products that are Made in Hawaii.

Made in Hawaii products are some of the most popular items sold by Haole Man. We love finding and promoting Made in Hawaii products because they are unique, high quality, and Made in Hawaii! We are currently looking for new Made in Hawaii products to sell and promote. If you are a Made in Hawaii producer, please contact us! We would love to feature your products on our website and promote them to our customers. Thank you for supporting Made in Hawaii businesses!

What types of products do you love that are Made in Hawaii? What kind of Made in Hawaii products would you love to see sold and promoted here at Haole Man? Let us know in the comments! Made in Hawaii products are the best! Let’s support our Made in Hawaii businesses! Thank you!

We want to support ALL Made in Hawaii products and the companies that produce them. Big ups and extra promotion for those Made in Hawaii companies that have affiliate programs, or are willing to pay commissions on ongoing sales of their products.

We work with a fantastic team with amazing experience in doing product launches online – we’d love to help do product launches for your Made in Hawaii product or services. We also have Made in Hawaii products available for purchase in our online store. Please contact us if you are interested in carrying your Made in Hawaii products in our store!

Thank you for reading! Please share this article if you think it will help Made in Hawaii businesses!


-The Haole Man Team

P.S. Make sure to look out for our future Made in Hawaii product videos and podcasts!

BTW – While you are thinking about Made in Hawaii products, check out these delicious Rubs from Absolute Aloha … Gotta love the names: Rub My Breasts, Rub My Heiny and Rub My Meat.

By Zen Chi

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