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As I mentioned in a previous post, I love picking up local publications – including local Hawaii newspapers and magazines. The other day at Times supermarket, I picked up a few – including Hawaii Parent – The Magazine for Families.

Hawaii Parent is published every two months by Charles and Janis Harrington and their office can be reached at (808) 728-3341. The magazine features a number of interesting articles by contributing writers, a calendar of local events for families (I’d like to see this expanded on as more events are added after the end of the virus scare) and advertising of all kinds of sponsors, including schools, preschools, activity centers, summer programs and after school activities.

One of my favorite articles in the March/April or “Summer Guide” edition of Hawaii Parent was an article by Sarah Fox entitled “Farm to Table – Getting Your Picky Eaters To the Market and Home Again.” In her article, Sarah talks about getting kids involved in food selection and preparation, which is supposed to make them more likely to try, like and enjoy healthier food choices. A great way to involve kids in shopping for healthier foods is to take them to local farmers markets.

According to the article, there are over 200 farmers markets in the great state of Hawaii, so there is probably at least one close to where you live. Here’s a link to the lists of all the farmer’s markets here on Oahu. While sometimes prices at the farmers markets can be a bit higher than high volume supermarkets, the food can be fresher and healthier – and you are doing your part to support our local farmers.

I didn’t realize, and you might not either, but 90 percent of the food that we eat in Hawaii is imported. One great organization called the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation has some great resources on their website which can help you support local Hawaii farmers and ranchers. (I’ll be using their site to find local sources for eggs, chicken, fruits and veggies). BTW – if you are a local farmer or rancher on Oahu and would like to invite me out for a tour with my keiki, I’d love to film a short video and write an article about the experience and the products you produce and sell.

Hawaii Parent is a magazine that I fully recommend with any families with keiki – and even those without. It’s a great way to learn about many of the great things always happening here in this island paradise.

Hawaii Parent is celebrating their new website at HawaiiParentMedia.com where you can find a digital version of their magazine. You can also follow Hawaii Parent on Instagram or ‘like’ Hawaii Parent Media on Facebook.

By Zen Chi

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