A Prayer for Clarity

Yesterday I wrote about finding The Home of Infinite Life, Wisdom and Abundance (Seicho-No-Ie) by picking up their Truth of Life magazine at the local Times supermarket. I’ve found it interesting that I first opened it and discovered on the anniversary of my father’s death. I have a strong feeling that it is the beginning of many discoveries.

Last night I received a call from my brother, who said he got a call from our Dad and that our mother had fallen outside and was found by a neighbor unconscious. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was kept there overnight. My brother seemed very unalarmed and said he thought that she was simply dehydrated and had not been drinking enough water (a fairly common thing for those living in the desert).

I just sent her a text, but have not yet heard back. I will try to call her later, but it’s still only 9:21 am there so I’m sure it will be at least a couple of hours before they check her out. I’ve been praying hard for her health and safety – and would appreciate any additional prayers, good thoughts and positive energy. Mahalo – Thank You!

Update: YOUR prayers and positive thoughts worked! I just heard back from Mom and she is voice texting me from the hospital – or at least trying to. Not sure your experience, but voice texting still does not work well for me – although a five year old Ava Kalea uses it all day, every day …

Apparently Mom has a concussion, someone ordered her breakfast and she still doesn’t know when she gets to go home – but seems to be in good spirits. She almost always has a positive attitude – and I wish I could be more like her.

What a relief. It sounds like she is going to be ok. Thank you God!

Now for some clarity. I really need some clarity. Clarity about what I am going to do with my time here in Hawaii and the rest of my life.

One of my biggest challenges – and ‘gifts’ is that I’m interested in so many different things. In the past I have had a difficult time staying focused, with keeping my eye on the prize.

Among my current ideas/projects: working with Stacia to help her with her autoimmunity / hormone issues, working with Stacia to help her get her business certified as a woman and minority owned business, getting my Hawaii real estate brokers license, buying cars and putting them on Turo, a Made in Hawaii products business, a Made in the USA products business – or just buying a boat and going fishing. The doesn’t even include any of my other websites, news sites or internet endeavors …

I’ve really been considering putting together a MALA Comedy Tour – Make America Laugh Again, or at least a MHLA Comedy Show (Make Hawaii Laugh Again). Either would come with a warning “If you are or can be offended by an entertainer making fun of you or anyone/everyone else, please do NOT attend – we are not here to hurt your feelings – just make fun of the the human condition and heal through laughter.”

As always, your thoughts are appreciated. Mahalo.

By Zen Chi

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