Haole Man and his Hapa daughter

Not that I was ever dead – but I just re-started this new website so I could design a WordPress multi-site to see it if will work for my needs. I was thinking that I would be able to use it to make it easier to keep track of, maintain and post to all my different domains. After initial set-up, it seems like I really won’t need all of the domains – it can get expensive just to register 35+ domain names each and every year.

But for the domain names that I do choose to keep, it seems that A LOT of time, effort and some money will be saved by simply pointing them to domains I set up under the WordPress multi-site platform. I will only have to pay for one SSL certificate and will be able to upload themes and plug-ins just once for all the sites on my multi-site platform. And when they need to be updated, I will only have to update them once for all the sites.

I’m sure I will be learning a lot about how this works in the coming days, weeks and months – but am looking forward to it. I am sure tired of trying to maintain so many different websites and domains and figure this can only help save time and keep fresher, more relevant content.

A couple of future uses that I can see for this multi-site WordPress platform at Haole Man are having different micro sites for my real estate business on Oahu (individual “sites” or sections for different neighborhoods), different sites for each of the various boat marinas around Oahu and then another set of sites for my involvement in business brokerage. Could be really cool – but it will be A LOT of work …

By Zen Chi

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