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Not everything that happened during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic was bad. Despite the thousands of small businesses that were forced to close, there were new businesses that started.

On the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Henry Fang started Paradise Monarchs to help conservation of the colorful monarch butterflies in island paradise.

After Fang was furloughed due to Covid, he first wanted to start raising chickens. That idea was nixed by Henry’s neighborhood HOA in Ewa Beach. Then he started learning about monarch butterflies, that they are nearly extinct in many areas and that he could raise them in his home garden. Not long after, Paradise Monarchs was born.

Paradise Monarchs sells a Live Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Box so that people on Oahu can experience the transformation of these majestic butterflies. You can order them on their website at, or catch up with Henry and his team at farmers markets and pop-up shops around the island (see the schedule on their website). They make excellent gifts and were named to the Best of Honolulu in 2021 – please make sure to watch and ‘like’ the YouTube video above.

BTW – did you know that Oahu’s Covid restrictions are coming to an end on March 5, 2022? Rejoice, rejoice! It looks like we’ve made it through one of the darkest ages in world history!

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