The highly anticipated third version of the UFC Poirier vs Connor McGregor is being held tonight a T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Everybody in town is talking about the fight and the money seems to be on Poirier.

The true rightful US President Donald Trump is at the fight, ringside, as a guest of UFC Founder Dana White – although strangely, the cameras do not show him – despite showing many other celebrities.

There are some big time sponsors for UFC 264 Poirier vs McGregor 3 – with the headliner being Other sponsors include Draft Kings, Modelo, Proper Twelve and more.

OMG – Connor McGregor just broke his lower leg or ankle and the fight was stopped in the first round. It was not pretty …

Connor McGregor falls backward and breaks his leg, which stops the fight at UFC 264 Poirier vs MacGregor

By Zen Chi

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