KOMO TV in Seattle has been awarded an Edward R. Murrow Award for their documentary entitled “The Fight For the Soul of Seattle”. This documentary examines the role that the Seattle City Council has had in turning Seattle into a socialist hell-hole.

Seattle’s Mayor and Seattle’s City Council has allowed the situation in the City to reach what many experts consider epidemic levels under the guise of a compassionate approach to people who suffer from substance addiction and who commit crimes to feed their habit. They’ve defunded the police, allowed violent demonstrations and quit upholding the law, creating a turnstile effect for criminals roaming the streets.

It documents the heartbreaking condition of people on the streets, and the crushing decisions Seattle entrepreneurs are forced to contemplate as their life savings and dreams are destroyed by theft, vandalism and a dwindling customer base.

This documentary also explores potential bold solutions to treat those living on the streets and pair them with agencies and assistance that can provide a clear path away from the endless circle of addiction and crime.

Please watch this important documentary from KOMO TV, comment below, share and start taking back our city streets!

By Zen Chi

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