This past week saw the official launch of Mike Lindell’s new website at It was billed as a “combination of Twitter and YouTube”, a platform for free speech, so far there hasn’t been much speech – or conversation, except from Lindell and his partners and supporters.

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By any definition, Mike Lindell has a great story of success – overcoming an addiction to crack cocaine to build his My Pillow (use promo code “Frank”) business into an American manufacturing success story. Lindell employs 2,500 Americans and many of them are owners in his business.

I really want Lindell to be even more successful. I’d like to see his new platform actually do what it was advertised to do and become a real platform for censorship-free social discourse.

Since last week, Lindell has been claiming that the “platform” has been under attack, likely by some of the same people who support the censorship of conservatives who used to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I have no reason to doubt that – it seems very likely, especially considering Lindell’s role in working to expose voter fraud, government corruption and foreign interference related to the 2020 election. In fact many of those bad actors have great reason to want to shut down the free speech of Americans and others around the globe. It hurts corruption when people are allowed to speak freely.

Instead of actually being a platform for free speech, Frank Speech, at least so far, it has become a bully pulpit for Lindell and the America First agenda. That in itself is not a bad thing – but what is annoying is that Lindell and his producer/partner Brandon Howse continue to run the same content, seemingly on constant repeat – despite the support and content contributed by many other great American Patriots.

Now I do believe that EVERY American should see the docu-movies Absolute Proof, Scientific Proof and the recently released Absolute Interference – and they can all be accessed for free at Watching those videos will undoubtedly show many that the thousands of claims of voter fraud and widespread proof of government corruption and foreign interference in the 2020 US election are far from baseless and should be exposed to save our great Country.

That said, the lure of Lindell’s Frank Speech platform was a way for Americans of all walks of life to once again participate in a free speech, censorship-free, social discourse that follows our 1st amendment rights – and is not anti-American like the Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, Googles and YouTubes of the Worlds. Frank Speech was supposed to be about Free Speech and not be Frank Broadcasting. Freedom loving Americans want to participate in a free conversation, we don’t want to be preached to without the opportunity to respond and make our voices heard. (The fake news, propaganda machine at CNN is finding that out in a BIG way through dreadful ratings).

If you are unable to provide the platform that you promoted, it would understandable. But just admit it – tell us the truth. I can tell you that Americans from all walks of life are tired of being lied to and misled and we’re not going to take it any more.

Mr. Mike Lindell – I hope that you hear me (us). I believe the success of your platform depends on it. BTW – have fun on Jimmy’s show. I hope he treats you like the kind, decent, American Patriot, that you are. I also hope he watches Absolute Interference and will help the push to save America.


By Zen Chi

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