The best REALTORS these days are killing it by using little known and even less used Facebook marketing techniques. Most real estate professionals do not actually enjoy spending time on Facebook promoting their real estate businesses on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms

Do You Absolutely HATE Facebook? 

Many real estate professionals do hate Facebook.  Mostly because they know they would rather be spending their time doing other things.

But the savvy pros KNOW that in today’s market, they MUST have an active presence on Facebook.  Setting and forgetting a business page is self-sabotage. 

Aloha – my name is Stacia Kennedy

I have been working in digital marketing for Realtors and other real estate professionals for over 10 years.  As you know, A LOT has changed in the past 10+ years and it’s been fun to keep up on the latest web technologies, platforms and tools and be on the cutting edge.

I’ve personally worked with many different types of real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, investors, flippers, developers and more.  I’ve learned A LOT about what real estate pros want and don’t want, what works and what doesn’t.  I really enjoy being able to help real estate agents and brokers create and establish their business brands and keep top of mind to potential clients at a very attractive cost.

You May Hate Facebook and Not Want to Be There, But Your Competition Is 

If you do not have or do not use your Facebook Business Page to attract and engage potential clients online, but you know that your competition is …..  That’s just silly.

Who gets the business if two (or more) agents have exactly the same qualifications and experience?  The agent who has an active and engaging Facebook Business Page – or the agent that doesn’t keep their Facebook page current?

Do You Actually Like Turning Down Clients and Turning Away Big Commissions? 

Way back in 2012 a National Association of Realtors survey showed that 90% of home buyers used the internet to find the home they purchased.  It’s 99% today.  Your clients and potential clients are most likely to be using the internet every single day.  A LOT of those people will spend the majority of their online time engaging on Facebook and/or Instagram.

If your Facebook Business Page does not stay current and provide value to visitors, you are literally turning away big commissions because you are turning down potential clients.

Which Agent Wins?  Do You or Your Competition Get Clients They’ve Engaged on Facebook?  If Your Facebook Page is a Desert Wasteland, It Won’t Be You – and Your Business Will Not Benefit

The agent or broker who does not have a current and engaging presence on their Facebook Business page will lose the race to engage the potential buyers and sellers. They could be helping these people to buy and sell homes. But they lose the chance because they’ve ignored the somewhat obvious.  And now they, their businesses and their families are all having to pay the price.

It’s really a sin to not show up where your clients and potential clients are:  Facebook.  Please don’t keep allowed local clients pass you by on the Internet

The Solution is Easy, Simple, Effective and Budget Friendly

After a full year beta testing with a small handful of clients, I am pleased to announce that my team and I are now offering a great Facebook Marketing Program for Real Estate Professionals.

We create custom digital assets (images) that are designed to provide value for your clients and potential clients.  Then we brand them with your logo and brand colors and post one on your Facebook Business page every day all year.  7 days a week, 364 days a year.

All for only $199 a month.

Order today and we can get posting on your behalf within 48-72 hours.

Your Business Engaging Clients and Prospective Clients Works

Every one of our beta testers got good results in engaging their clients, making them even more loyal, or engaging and attracting new buyers and sellers.  Most of them earned new clients through the engaging posts we 

In the first six months alone, our client Antonio Atoche tracked 2 new clients to our Facebook Marketing program.  He was able to help both of them buy homes – and helped one of them sell their old home after they moved into the new one.

Our 3% realty client got several new clients over the year, including both buyers and sellers.  They want us to expand our Facebook Marketing program to their other offices throughout the country over the next couple of years.

You Get Peace of Mind thru our Daily Value Giving and Engaging Facebook Posts

Our Facebook Marketing program for real estate professionals is easy to start, easier to maintain and ensures that you have DAILY presence and engagement on Facebook.

This program is designed to give you an inside edge over any potential competitors when it comes to earning new real estate clients – all through the power of professional posts on Facebook.

• You Will Be Providing Great Value for Those Interested in Buying and Selling Homes

• You Will Be Posting Engaging Messages Daily

• You and Your Brand Will Stay Top of Mind As Potential Clients Want and NEED to Buy and Sell Real Estate

• You earn new clients, new deals and MORE MONEY!

Now Is THE Time to Start 

Even during the Pandemic, many real estate markets across the country have stayed strong and a good number have actually gotten stronger, with higher home values.  There are a lot of people buying and selling real estate at this time – and there is no better time to earn a new client than today!

No agent can afford to continue ignoring their clients and potential clients on Facebook.  They want to hear from your brand today, tomorrow and the next day.  They want to hear from you EVERY day and there is no more time to waste.

  • Sign up today and get 20% off your first month’s service.
  • Help sign up three other agents and get your service FREE for a full year!

Click here to sign up Now! or visit Top Real Estate Branding.

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