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Erica Gonzalez – The Real Estate Inspection Company

San Diego-based The Real Estate Inspection Company (REIC), a growing provider of high-level home inspections throughout Southern California, recently announced that Erica Gonzales has joined the company’s Growth team as a Growth Administrator. Welcome Erica!

As a motivated service-centric professional, Erica has a proven track record of consistently exceeding goals and building unrivaled sales funnels and successful programs. She nurtures strong business-to-business and business-to-consumer relationships, embracing “there-is-no-box” thinking to formulate strategies that heighten brand awareness.

“I’m excited for Erica to join our team,” said April Smith, the Growth Supervisor for the company. “Her combined Real Estate experience and skill set around modern, scalable marketing methods will allow us to capitalize on the strength of our innovative brand as we continue to grow.”

For Erica, it’s always about people – helping people connect with the resources they need. This extends into her personal life, where she is a dynamic presence within her community as an advocate for growth and development. Erica is a volunteer for Club Dust, which assists in building homes and community for the under-served, and she is a regular volunteer blood donor for the San Diego Blood Bank.

About The Real Estate Inspection Company

REIC is a growing provider of home inspections, commercial property condition assessments, mold testing and drain line video evaluations in Southern California since 2004. REIC inspects over $3 Billion worth of real estate each year providing buyers, sellers, and tenants with the knowledge they need to make an informed purchase or lease decision.

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