KB Home is definitely a national leader in building of greener homes – and it is hoped that more home builders will incorporate methods of building houses that are better for our planet and it’s citizens.

KB Home Local Business Scoop

KB Home has announced that it has received a record 21 ENERGY STAR Market Leader Awards in 2020 for outstanding commitment to promoting energy-efficient construction and providing homebuyers significant value through comfort, durability and energy utility bill savings. KB Home’s 21 awards are more than any other homebuilder, underscoring its leadership in building homes to ENERGY STAR certification standards. To date, KB Home has delivered more than 140,000 ENERGY STAR certified new homes, a milestone that surpasses all other homebuilders.

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Each year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program presents Market Leader Awards to outstanding partners who have made important contributions to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection by building or verifying a significant number of ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments or by sponsoring a local program that supported these activities during the previous year.

“KB Home is proud to lead the industry with a record 21 ENERGY STAR Market Leader Awards,” said Jeffrey Mezger, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of KB Home. “Our longstanding participation in the ENERGY STAR program has served as the cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability, making homeownership more affordable and helping to enhance both indoor and outdoor environments with our energy efficiency homes.”

Good News for New Home Buyers

Every KB home is designed to be ENERGY STAR certified thanks to the quality construction techniques and materials used. By contrast, in recent years, only one out of every 10 new homes built in America has been ENERGY STAR certified. KB Home’s ENERGY STAR certified new homes are up to 20 percent more energy efficient than standard new homes built to code and are tested and certified by independent third-party inspectors. The homebuilder estimates that its sustainably designed homes have cumulatively reduced energy utility bills for its homeowners by $780 million. Additionally, to date, KB Home has lowered its customers’ CO2 emissions by an estimated 5 billion pounds, the equivalent of removing 490,000 cars from the road for one year.

“The ENERGY STAR program proudly recognizes the efforts of our outstanding partners, who have made important contributions to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection. Our 2020 Market Leader Award winners demonstrate a high level of commitment to making ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments available to American consumers. EPA proudly recognizes KB Home’s efforts as an ENERGY STAR partner,” said Jonathan Passe, Chief of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Residential Branch.

KB Home has received more EPA ENERGY STAR awards than any other national builder and is the only national homebuilder to have earned awards under all of EPA’s homebuilder programs, including ENERGY STAR, WaterSense, which establishes water efficiency standards, and Indoor airPLUS, which focuses on indoor air quality.

About KB Home

KB Home is one of the largest and most recognized homebuilders in the United States and has been building quality homes for over 60 years. Today, KB Home operates in 42 markets across eight states, serving a wide array of buyer groups. What sets us apart is how we give our customers the ability to personalize their homes from homesites and floor plans to cabinets and countertops, at a price that fits their budget. We are the first builder to make every home we build ENERGY STAR certified. In fact, we go beyond the EPA requirements by ensuring every ENERGY STAR certified KB home has been tested and verified by a third-party inspector to meet the EPA’s strict certification standards, which help to lower the cost of ownership and to make our new homes healthier and more comfortable than new ones without certification. We also work with our customers every step of the way, building strong personal relationships so they have a real partner in the homebuying process, and the experience is as simple and easy as possible. Learn more about how we build homes built on relationships by visiting kbhome.com.


ENERGY STAR is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency, providing simple, credible, and unbiased information that consumers and businesses rely on to make well-informed decisions. Thousands of industrial, commercial, utility, state and local organizations, including more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on their partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deliver cost-saving energy efficiency solutions. Since 1992, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped save American families and businesses nearly 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity and achieve over 3.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions. In 2018 alone, ENERGY STAR and its partners helped Americans avoid $35 billion in energy costs. More background information about ENERGY STAR can be found at energystar.gov/about.

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