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We just got home from our 5 am family walk and I’ve got so much to write about. Coming at you with an attitude of gratitude and a desire to serve. Some things I want to touch on today, which is Day 6 of the Stay at Home Order (or Shelter in Place) here in California include: Wishful Wednesday, a huge increase in our web traffic, supporting local business and starting an online business.

Supporting Local and Small Business

Let’s start with Supporting Local Business. I just got done posting a list of local Del Mar businesses that are open – and if you know of any to add to the list, please let me know.

Wherever you are and whenever you can, please do support your local and small businesses. No business can survive on the one day of the year that AMEX does their Small Business Saturday – and any open business can use your support during these trying and uncertain times. I’d love to hear how you are currently supporting local and small businesses – or if you own a business that is getting – or needs supports. Please let me know in the comments so that our rapidly increasing readership can see too!

I Want to Start an Online Business – How About YOU?

In reality, I guess I already have a couple of online businesses – including this news site / blog, which I’ve kind of ignored until this recent stay at home order. I’ll write about the huge increase in web traffic in the next section. My wife, Stacia ‘Chop’ Kennedy has a bunch of clients at StaciaKennedy.com and our JV site Virtually Famous Marketing. I’ve been starting to help her there over the past couple of weeks as well.

But in my entrepreneurial (and competitive) spirit, I want to create another online business, where I can serve others and teach them how to create an online business – so that they can work at home, or wherever you choose – FOREVER. If you have any ideas and / or suggestions, I would love to hear them. I’m totally open to mutually beneficial partnerships!

HUGE Increase in Our Web Traffic

Most likely due to the current business environment, the Stay at Home or Shelter in Place orders in California, as well as around the US and the entire planet, people are spending even more time online. YouTube viewership has increased tremendously, I’ve personally been spending A LOT more time on my various news and websites and we’ve been seeing a HUGE increase in web traffic to almost all of our sites.

Each of the last 3 days has seen more traffic than the previous day – and today’s traffic is already crazy, buoyed by A LOT of viewers coming from a new news aggregator app out of the Bay area called News Break and News Break App.

If you are in business and would like more publicity and customers, now would probably be a good time to advertise at Local Business Scoop or advertise on Bellevue Business Journal.

If you are not in a position to advertise and have more time than money, I really encourage you to start writing more on your own website or blog – and adding more content to your YouTube channel and social media platforms. If you are in business and do not yet have a website, blog, YouTube channel or business presence on social media, we really need to talk …

Wishful Wednesday – This is Some of What I’m Wishing For

I’ve written about it in past posts, but I’m still looking for Del Mar Neighbors in Need of Help and a Non-Profit that would like to start using the Salesforce Non Profit Success pack with my help, pro bono.

Yesterday in an effort to clear up some space, I put an ad on Craigslist for some extra weight lifting equipment. I could not believe how quickly my phone started blowing up – and I was sold out of every thing (except for one Olympic weight stand) within two hours. A few things that I am looking to purchase at this time (for our 3 year old Ava Kalea) include:

Wish List:

  • Computer monitor – the bigger the better
  • LEGOs – Ava’s legos got left up north at her Grandma’s house and she’s really missing them.
  • Electronic keyboard (her mom sold her other one)
  • Electronic drum pad (also sold by her mom)

With an idea of how to help someone who may be out of town or needing to go out of town, I’m also offering my services as a house and/or pet sitter. I prefer to stay close to home here in Del Mar, but would consider all other locations and situations – including La Jolla, Carmel Valley, Solana Beach, Encinitas and beyond. During these uncertain times, it is especially important that your property is lived in, taken care of and protected – even if you cannot be there.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and received some value and / or ideas that may make a difference in your life. I’ve always got a multitude of subjects running through my mind, but tomorrow I plan on writing about Salesforce, more Spring Cleaning and Home Organization, Celebrating Wins and How to Find Deals in the coming days, weeks and months.

Thank you for reading – and make sure to Love Everybody!

By Zen Chi

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