We just got back from our 5 am family walk this morning. I felt like I got punched in the stomach when my wife pointed out the flashing road construction sign that said COVID-19 DEL MAR flashing to BEACHES CLOSED.

After getting home and doing more research, I’ve found that all of the beaches in San Diego County are now closed. I’m guess it is because residents could not resist the urge to congregate at our great beaches. I know our family was taking daily walks on the beach here in Del Mar – much like our every day life, except we were taking more time and making sure to keep our social / physical distancing.

One thing that Stacia pointed out during yesterday’s walk is that many people seemed more friendly than normal. More people than usual were greeting us with a kind “hello” or “excuse me”. Maybe this situation is making some of us more compassionate. We ARE all in this together.

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No matter how you may feel about US politics, it seems like most people are extremely frustrated at the bickering and posturing going on with our elected officials who are supposed to be representing us. It seems that each side is trying to make this upcoming $2 TRILLION ‘stimulus package’ a way for them to push their own agendas, rather than simply benefit the American people.

Social media posts on all platforms are showing that Americans from all walks of life are tired of the partisan crap and just want to see something done. The good news at this point is that it looks like the Senate may get something passed today – and as a result the Dow Jones stock exchange is up over 1,200.

Excuse me for a bit – I’ve got to run to some grocery stores and try to find some eggs and essentials for my girls. I’m going to post this now, but will finish up when I get back. I really want to know what you think about our government possibly creating “Digital Dollars” supposedly so they can send people their stimulus checks …..

Now back from the store and have some laundry going ….

It’s turning out to be a decent day – even though they did close the beaches. I found eggs!!!! I was one of the first people at my local Sprouts store – and felt fortunate to be able to purchase two dozen eggs – at a ‘measly’ $5.99 a dozen. The check out clerk said that I was lucky to get them, that they had sold out their supply the previous day in about 10 minutes.

Between that stop and another stop at a different store, I was able find and buy chicken, eggs, veggies, walnuts, english muffins (although not our usual whole wheat), as well as frozen waffles and juice for Ava. Maybe interesting to note that I could have purchased toilet paper too – but I left it for someone who may need it sooner …

I’ve been trying to avoid much of the news lately because most of it is sensationalized and it seems difficult to know what to believe. It’s real obvious that just because they are reporting it, it doesn’t mean its true. We learned that in 2016.

One thing that did come up today though when reading about the $2 trillion dollars taxpayers are going to have to pay to recover the economy is that part of the legislation provides for the US to adopt a new, Digital Dollar and Digital Dollar Wallet. They are using this under the guise of being able to give Americans relief money – but I think that it is much more sinister than that. I think it is just another way to be able to track us and tell us what we can and cannot do …

What do YOU think?

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