GUESS?, Inc. (“GUESS”) (NYSE: GES) and TikTok (“TikTok”) have partnered to launch TikTok’s first branded content in the USA and first fashion branded content globally.

GUESS and TikTok ‘s PartnershipGUESS

TikTok,, a short-form video content app which serves as an incubation hub for digital culture, is dominating the social community platform space. In the first quarter of 2018, TikTok was the world’s most downloaded iOS app, according to US research firm Sensor Tower.

In an increasingly visual social media landscape, GUESS and TikTok are bringing fashion content to the Millennials and Gen Z generations through their preferred medium – short-form video. GUESS will be launching the first ever fashion takeover on TikTok on Sept 1, 2018 that will directly lead to the first TikTok promoted hashtag challenge in the US. As each TikTok user opens the app during the GUESS brand flight, they will be directed to the #InMyDenim challenge. The phenomenon of hashtag challenges spreading across the globe are inspiring millions of users to participate organically and enthusiastically in viral call-to-actions whether for a cause or for fun.

GUESS will kick off the #InMyDenim challenge with beloved and popular content creators including @ourfire (2.3M fans), @madison_willow (+983K fans), @jammincammy (+184k fans), and @operamericano (+380k fans) participating in the denim transformation challenge, a take on a native meme from TikTok.

“Discovery and innovation are part of GUESS’ DNA. We are excited to be the first major global brand to partner with TikTok in a truly organic and innovative way,” said Edward Park, SVP of Retail and Digital at GUESS. “These digital natives’ tastes and desires govern the future of social media and culture. A cluttered brand space demands unique, engaging content and integrated participation. Our partnership with TikTok is an exciting evolution within our digital marketing strategy.”

“Trends often originate on TikTok and GUESS is known for being ahead of the trends,” said Matty Lin, Director of Brand Partnerships at TikTok US. “One of the reasons we chose to partner with GUESS for our first ever branded content piece in the US is because they are a well-known international fashion brand that’s very recognizable to our users, who are from all over the world. GUESS is very tied into the TikTok audience and we are excited to see how the community jumps on the trend.”

The #InMyDenim hashtag challenge will run from Sept 1, 2018 through Sept 6, 2018 marking the first official launch of TikTok’s US brand partnerships.

By Zen Chi

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