Care2 petition is calling on the California Horse Racing Board to shut down racing at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club after racing horse Irish Spring died from injuries sustained from a fall during a race over the weekend. Two weeks prior a second horse died after going into cardiac arrest while training. The Care2 petition has gathered 18,000 signatures since launch.

Care2 PetitionCare2 Petition To Shut Down Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

“These horses are pushed to and beyond their physical limits, all for sport,” states the Care2 petition. “Not only that, but a lot of people are making a great deal of money off the backs of horses like Irish Spring. They are beat to go faster and harder than they should.”

According to, “Numbers from the Jockey Club equine injury database covering a one-year period show that one of every 500 Thoroughbred starts at North American racetracks results in a fatal injury. This represents about 800 deaths. Reporting is voluntary with 85% of race tracks participating.”

“It’s cruel the way the horse racing industry uses and abuses these animals,” the Care2 petition points out. “They are often injured or killed while being forced to race. And often humans are injured or killed in the process. The whole thing is just gross and dangerous and barbaric.”

Two jockeys Corey Nakatani, 47, and Geovani Franco, 21 involved in the incident over the weekend at Del Mar were rushed to the hospital, both have since been released with Franco returning to race on Sunday.

According to Nakatini’s son and agent, “his timetable to return to riding is uncertain”.

By Zen Chi

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