San Diego’s Bridgepoint Education has won the 2017 Communitas Award for Leadership in Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility. This category is the most comprehensive of the Communitas Awards categories, as nominees must demonstrate a holistic effort to help the community rather than one specific initiative or project. The award recognizes Bridgepoint’s charitable activities from June 2016 through June 2017.

The Communitas Awards is an international effort that acknowledges organizations and individuals that give their resources selflessly and are changing the way they conduct business to benefit their communities. The program is part of 

the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

“Every Bridgepoint Education, Ashford University, and University of the Rockies employee who has donated their time or resources to their local communities through our organization should feel proud of this award,” said Andrew Clark, president and CEO of Bridgepoint Education. “The commitment each of us has to giving back is an essential part of our mission, and I am very pleased to receive this recognition for our efforts.”

“By recognizing individuals, organizations, and companies for their volunteerism and socially responsible business practices, we are hoping to not only bring attention to great programs, but are working with community-minded leaders to make the spirit of Communitas an essential element of every business,” said Ed Dalheim, executive director of AMCP.

Some of the charities that benefited from Bridgepoint’s philanthropy in the past year include American Red Cross, Junior Achievement, Ronald McDonald House, Armed Services YMCA, Denver Public Schools Foundation, and Victory Center.

About Bridgepoint Education 

Bridgepoint Education, Inc. harnesses the latest technology to reimagine the modern student experience. Bridgepoint owns two academic institutions – Ashford University and University of the Rockies. Together, these programs, technologies, and resources represent a unique model for advancing education in the 21st century. Bridgepoint stands for greater access, social learning, and exposure to leading minds.

By Zen Chi

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