InteliSys HealthInteliSys Health, pioneer of the first real-time prescription transparency platform, just announced that is has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition 2017, an awards program from the publisher of FierceHealthcare. InteliSys Health was recognized as a finalist in the category of Clinical Information Management.  

InteliSys Health was selected as a finalist for its innovative, industry leading product, RxStream. All applications were evaluated based on the following criteria: Competitive Advantage, Financial Impact/Value, Market Need, and Overall Innovation. Applicants with the top 3 scores in each category were selected as finalists. 

“For far too long, providers have been prescribing medications blindfolded, without knowing the price to the patient,” said InteliSys Health CEO Tom Borzilleri. “Cost is a significant factor to medication adherence, so this puts patients, providers and payors at a disadvantage. We are removing the opaqueness of prescription drug pricing and have made it our mission to lower costs to patients and insurers, and provide actionable data between pharmacies, doctors and insurers to make sure that the drugs prescribed are actually filled and refilled. We are honored to be recognized by the Fierce Innovation Awards program.”

Lack of affordability is the biggest challenge for medication adherence, and improving adherence is a key to improving population health and patient safety. InteliSys Health is shifting the paradigm of medication pricing with the industry’s first real-time prescription transparency platform, RxStream™, delivering an intelligent, dynamic view of the lowest prescription drug pricing, drug fills and refills, and alternative drug therapies at the point of care and within the e-prescribing workflow. By aligning the needs of patients, providers and payors, InteliSys Health’s analytics-driven platform drives maximum cost savings, workflow efficiencies, patient safety and health outcomes while supporting a successful transition to risk-based alternative payment models.

RxStream is the only drug price transparency solution that “follows the script” to make sure the drug prescribed is taken properly, reporting back to clinicians, giving them an opportunity to intervene and resolve medication adherence issues before adverse events occur.

Finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of judges from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems. The panel included Terry Booker, VP Corporate and Business Development, Independence Blue Cross (IBC); Roy DeLaMar, Internal Business Communications Manager, Cigna; Neal Ganguly, VP and CIO, JFK Health System; Deborah Gordon, VP Marketing Sales and Product Strategy, Tufts Health Plan; Jessica Grosset, VC of IT, Infrastructure and Operation, Mayo Clinic; Kurt Cwak, CIO, Proliance Surgeons; Roger Neal, CIO and VP, Information Technology, Duncan Regional Hospital; Todd Richardson, Senior VP/CIO, Aspirus; Edward Ricks, VP and CIO, Information Services, Beaufort Memorial Hospital; and Julie Slezak, EVP, Clinical Analytics, GNS Healthcare.

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About InteliSys Health
InteliSys Health shifts the paradigm of medication pricing by aligning the needs of patients, providers and payors within the industry’s first real-time prescription transparency platform. Powered by the union of actionable data and predictive analytics, the ground-breaking technology delivers the lowest prescription costs while offering new opportunities for improved medication adherence and compliance. By connecting disparate data and stakeholders across the care continuum, InteliSys Health empowers providers and patients with an intelligent, transparent view of prescription drug pricing, drug fills and refills, and alternative drug therapies within one second or less at the point of care and within the e-Prescribing workflow. The analytics-driven platform drives maximum cost savings, workflow efficiencies, patient safety and health outcomes while successfully addressing the new landscape of shared risk payment models, cost containment and outcomes-based reimbursements. 

By Zen Chi

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