Samantha DeBianchi Million Dollar Listing MiamiBy Samantha DeBianachi 

What do you do once you have broken the glass ceiling? Women everywhere are achieving far beyond what was thought possible not too long ago. For women, there is some work yet to be done, but in the business arena women are making names for themselves as serious power-players.

Once you achieve your first bout of success, you can better help others do the same. As a woman in the industry myself, I know how hard it is to defy the odds and surge beyond expectations. 

Here are some things I learned along the way that can help you achieve your goals of success:

Help connect friends and other professionals

In business, once you have been around the block a few times, you notice patterns. Know who can benefit from your network, and if applicable connect them yourself. Once you are not needing to jump through so many hoops, you are able to help other people jump through theirs. Watching your friends succeed is wonderful, and helping them get there is a true gift.

Attend marketing events and share your knowledge

Continue making connections in the industry. The networking aspect is one thing that is endlessly helpful. Serendipitously many influences occur, and that next random event might be the big ticket. Always keep your mind open to new possibilities. In business, fluidity is pivotal in progressing your professional persona. 

Continue to let it grow

Whatever business venture you went on that landed you in the lap of success is probably not over, unless you sold. You will need to nurture your business for it to continue growing. If you would like to continue to generate more income, use your successful business to plant seeds for other projects. The connections you develop are endless, and only lead to more opportunities. A lot of times, the more you cultivate your business skills the more success you can achieve in your next project.

Keep the momentum up

There is a confidence boost once you achieve the goals you set forth. Seeing the constant expansion and growth taking place in business is a reason to continue aspiring for more. Momentum creates motivation which in turn creates opportunity. One of these opportunities might be your big break in the industry.

Hang around people that are successful

Their energy is contagious and will be a great influence for you and others. Feed from their inspiration and you do the same for those around you. Collectively, the energy can be a breeding ground for great ideas.

Be open and adapt to change

Get committed to a new idea or reevaluate a previous idea and recommit. Refinement is necessary in business to make sure you are in tune with the best circumstances. Refine goals you have set for your business within an entrepreneurial perspective. Everything is constantly morphing into something else and the evolution will not end, so take advantage.

The only way to succeed in business is to hang on for the ride and not get too attached to specific ideas or concepts. Ride it out and figure out the best strategies for the specific situation. Being adaptable is one of the best qualities in a person, business or otherwise.

Give back

Giving back can take on various definitions. This can be through volunteering to help kids develop business skills in the community, or with reaching out to those in your network to assist them in their business ventures. Your skillset, after you achieve initial success, expands to include even more practical knowledge. 

You can give back by getting involved in the entrepreneurial community. Book speaking gigs and get your information out there. If you developed methods that worked well for you, there is no reason to not share them with others. After all, we’re living the collaboration age. Writing a book is another sure-fire way to share your tips to success and simultaneously expand your brand.

Overall, success is not a finite concept and can truly be enjoyed when it is spread among many with a good purpose. Making the money is tough, but so worth it in the end. In retrospect, it is easier to identify the methods that worked. From those successful strategies, lend techniques to those in need of assistance.

Samantha DeBianchi is the founder of DeBianchi Real Estate and the first woman to star on Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing Miami.’  She is committed to the success of small businesses and female entrepreneurship.

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