Entrepreneur Top Company Cultures 2017 Small CompaniesTake a walk into ChicExecs San Marcos HQ and you’ll be welcomed into a space brimming with inspiration and creative brainpower. The sun shines through the glass windows and casts a light on the focused faces of the Chic team, hustlin’ hard at their wonderfully white desks. Overflowing with an essence of beauty and elegance, the refined decor sets an empowering vibe throughout the office. Whiteboard walls and carefully crafted calligraphy on walls are beautiful accessories, but it’s nothing without purpose and vision behind it. That’s where Nikki and Kailynn come in.

No matter the size of your company, the culture can make or break your business. With core values like positivity, dedication, innovation, and faith, the founders of ChicExecs have cultivated a company culture driven by purpose, passion, and a deep respect for every individual. The Chic team lives out these standards on a daily basis, which has led ChicExecs to be recognized as one of the best office cultures in Americas in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Company Cultures for 2017!

These fierce females founded ChicBlvd Inc. which is the parent company of three divisions including ChicBlvd Magazine, ChicExecs Brand Strategist Firm and ChicBuds. They bring more than 30 years of advertising, marketing and PR experience combined with 15 years of business management, retail and sales. Launched in 2006, ChicExecs quickly garnered over 200 clients and a network of over 50,000 small businesses who benefit from their innovative new system that generates features in countless well-known media outlets. You’ll find their clients on the pages of InStyle, Pregnancy & Newborn, Woman’s World, Parenting and many more nationally recognized magazines. You’ll also catch their clients being featured on The Today Show, Extra TV, Fox News Network, The Doctors and local news stations around the country.

With faith as their guide, Nikki and Kailynn truly understand the responsibility of putting others first. On a mission to give back to the community, ChicBlvd Inc. supports non-profits like Compassion International, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Icing Smiles, Casa Teresa and many more.

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