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Purchasing a house can be a daunting process, especially for those unsure about how to use home loan benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). During a recent Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) program event, a group of injured veterans learned about getting the most from their benefits while connecting with fellow service members.

WWP staff teamed up with home loan specialists for the gathering. Warriors and guests learned about saving money and building equity as well as the importance of shopping around for realtors and lenders.

Ever since fellow combat veterans told him about the organization, Army veteran Pemberton Tran takes part in as many WWP outings as possible. The benefits seminar was useful, he said, because it allowed him to better plan for his future.

“I wanted to educate myself so that when the time is right I will know all of my options,” Pemberton said. “The presentation was very informative, and the staff allowed us plenty of time to have all of our questions answered.”

Participants also established friendships with fellow warriors. These connection activities support the long-term recovery needs of warriors by reintroducing them to the bonds experienced during military service. In a WWP survey of the injured warriors it serves, more than half of survey respondents (51.7 percent) talked with fellow veterans to address mental health issues.

“These events are important because they get me out of my house and out of my own head for a bit,” Pemberton said. “Plus they just boost my morale and make my day.”

WWP staff advised veterans of additional services to assist in their recovery processes. WWP offers a variety of programs and services that help injured veterans with mental health, physical health and wellness, career and benefits counseling, and connecting with other warriors and their communities. Generous donors make it possible for wounded warriors to take part in outreach activities and benefit from program resources at no cost to them.

By Zen Chi

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