opera-eventTwitch audience members can now engage with their favorite online influencers in fun, new ways; Influencers benefit from a new revenue stream, access to valuable data about their audience engagements, and added value to brands that work with influencers

A new social media engagement platform for online influencers launched has launched. Opera Event, Inc. (http://www.operaevent.co/) was founded to enable online influencers to engage with their audience in new ways, and to provide influencers with more data about their audiences, making their online presence even more successful, valuable and appealing to brands with influencer marketing programs. 

Opera Event’s unique approach to audience engagement is designed to make the interactions between influencers and their audiences more direct, valuable and fun through an innovative toolset. Opera Event currently has several offerings, with more on the roadmap to be released in the coming weeks. The Bounty program lets audience members issue a challenge to the influencer or face doing a Fail Condition, often something hilarious. For example, an audience member can challenge the influencer to “Win three games in a row,” or, if the influencer fails, he or she must “Sing karaoke.”   Influencers can accept or reject the Bounties, which work alongside the influencers’ donation platform, supplementing their potential revenue streams. The payments are made directly to the influencer’s PayPal account.

Opera Event is also beta testing Rumble, a product that enables audience members to play online games with their favorite influencers. Rumble is initially being tested with the game League of Legends with a few select beta program influencers, with more games soon to follow. 

Opera Event has been testing all of its offerings in a closed beta for the past few months, and influencers and audience members alike are enthusiastic about the new ways they can connect with one another. Nearly 95% of all influencers who have seen a demo of the product, immediately ask to use it. “My audience loves it, it’s also a new revenue system for me. Bounties are awesome,” said Puhdado, an influencer participating in the Bounties 

beta program. xNestorio, another online influencer beta tester, added, “It really opened up a lot of new opportunities for interaction with my community, especially with its easy to use system.” 

Audience members also find value in Opera Events’ offerings, and 97% of audience members surveyed by the company have or are willing to pay to use the Bounty tool. “Bounties are really fun to watch! It changed the stream up and I found myself watching for hours,” said one audience member. “I feel this is a very innovative way for the streamer to connect with his viewers,” added another. 

Benefits of Opera Events’ offerings to online influencers include: 

• Improved connection, better access and communication with the audience 

• A more in-depth understanding of the audience through valuable data and analytics

• Additional potential revenue streams 

• Fans and followers are empowered to help shape the content they are consuming, thereby improving engagement, loyalty and time spent 

“Social media influencers have created the fastest growing and most trusted media content in the world, but they have very few tools for managing and growing their audience and brand. Opera Event has created a suite of tools specifically designed for influencers that will allow them to understand and control their audience like never before,” said Brandon Byrne, founder and CEO, Opera Event, a veteran of the online gaming, eSports and digital media industries.

Opera Event’s Bounty program and other products are launching on the Twitch TV platform. All products are currently in closed beta, influencers can apply here.  

Opera Event will be introduced at TwitchCon, which is being held at the the San Diego Convention Center September 30 through October 2. The company is located in Booth #EDU 3. Opera Event CEO Brandon Byrne will be a featured speaker on the Education Stage of TwitchCon on Saturday, October 1st from 3:45pm – 4:15pm.

About Opera Event, Inc.

Opera Event, Inc. is a social media engagement platform for Influencers. The goal is to create tools that will better enable Influencers to engage with their audience in fun new ways they couldn’t before. We want Influencers and their audience members to have a better connection. Influencers should have better access and communication with their audience, and we believe that the audience should have ways to shape the content they are consuming. Opera Event wants to build the tools to do that. 

By Zen Chi

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