National Ice Cream DayNational Ice Cream Day is Today July 17, 2016

Happy National Ice Cream Day!  Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to!  National Ice Cream Day – a holiday invented by Ronald Reagan during his presidency to celebrate the strength and success of the American Dairy industry.

As a clean-eater, I normally do not eat ice cream – but do have frequent fond memories of when I did.  In fact, last time I was an expectant father, I was on a 4 ice cream cone a day diet …  (and it showed).  Today, if I get some good suggestions on the best place(s) and flavor(s) of ice cream in San Diego – I will definitely go check them out – and report back here.  What is the BEST ice cream in San Diego?  How are YOU going to celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

Unfortunately, not everyone should be enjoying National Ice Cream Day.  My pregnant wife has gestational diabetes and has had to adopt an even healthier way of eating (and living).  For her, ice cream is on the no-no list.  I kind of feel guilty wanting to celebrate this national holiday without her – but I guess it is ok since it is in the name of research for the readers of Local Business Scoop.

Apparently Uber is delivering Magnum ice cream bars across North America today between 11am and 3pm.  In cities like San Diego, where they have the Uber Eats service, it will be free to those who order Magnum bars through their Uber Eats app.  I might have to try this out later in the day and report back.

In the end though, I’m not sure I want to waste my cheat, er celebratory ice cream on a Magnum bar – I’m thinking perhaps something a little more exotic or local ….  Or maybe I should just stick by my Baby Momma’s side and boycott the holiday altogether?

Nah – I’ll go with the rest of San Diego and try San Diego’s Best Ice Cream today on National Ice Cream Day!  Make your nominations in the comments!



By Zen Chi

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  1. Update: In what could be considered at #MajorFail, it appears that Uber is not delivering free ice cream to users of it’s Uber Eats app today on National Ice Cream Day, but that they may have done that on this past Friday (in celebration of National Ice Cream Day?). What’s the deal? Can we not celebrate holidays on the day they are supposed to be?

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