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chocolate covered REAL crickets and gummy rats

Destin, FL (March 16, 2016) This Easter, the kids can hunt for more than eggs outside. Imagine searching for kangaroos, scorpions, crickets and rats. It’s all part of Beef Jerky Outlet’s new “Beef-ster Basket” – an outdoorsy twist on the traditional Easter basket that’s more about beef than bunnies.

“Beef-ster” Basket

For folks who think “out of the basket,” the Beef Jerky Outlet’s “Beef-ster” Basket includes exotic flavors of beef jerky like kangaroo, alligator, venison and elk. You can also choose to build your basket with kid favorites, like Honey Barbecue and Sweet Cherry Maple jerky. The idea is to pack in the protein to avoid a sugar rush that has kids hopping around more than the Easter Bunny.

For those who crave candy, the “Beef-ster” Basket can also include a crawling cornucopia of lollipops with REAL scorpions inside, chocolate covered REAL crickets and gummy rats (not real, thank goodness). 

In celebration of the Beef-ster Basket, Beef Jerky Outlet is offering a very special promotion to their customers nationwide.  With the purchase of any six bags of jerky, the seventh bag is free. Adding to the excitement, the Beef-ster Basket comes packaged in a festively-adorned box. A beautiful box full of delicious snacks is the perfect addition to your special celebration.

“Whether it’s for adults or children, we wanted to create an exciting new treat on Easter,” said Paul Lyons, CEO of Beef Jerky Outlet. “Use your imagination and come into our store to build your ‘Beef-ster Basket’ with all these specialties and more.  We even let you try the beef jerky before you buy – even the Easter Bunny doesn’t let you do that.”

Jumping for Jerky

Beef jerky, an exploding new snack, is selling like crazy because of America’s demand for lightweight, high protein foods.

  • Jerky is lean, high in protein and nutritional value and low in calories, carbohydrates and fat (jerky is only 3 percent fat).

• IRI, a Chicago based market research firm, reports sales of jerky jumped 46 percent from 2009-2013, catapulting it to a $1.24 billion industry.

• Jerky is in the beef snack category – the fastest growing segment of the snack food industry (Convenience Store Decisions, Nov. 2012).

“With our changing palettes, beef jerky has become part of our culture, and it’s time to bring it out at holiday celebrations,“ said Scott Parker, Co-founder of Beef Jerky Outlet.  “It’s an unexpected treat and an alternative to all the sweets we eat.”

 History of Beef Jerky:

The word jerky has its origins in the native languages of South America. In the 1800s, the term “jerky” quickly spread across the new world to describe the process of smoking, drying and curing beef. American Indians, cowboys and pioneers made and embraced jerky as easily transportable and long lasting. Jerky has traditionally been the No. 1 favorite snack of the military, and for years, NASA has sent it up to our astronauts in space.

 • Our nation’s health craze is fueling the jerky revolution as runners, weightlifters, hikers, and weekend warriors eat it before, during and after exercise.

• Jerky is a popular snack for folks on the trendy Paleo diet which urges consumers to eat foods from their hunter/gatherer ancestors.

• Jerky is catching on for women too because the cured, low fat snack provides an energy boost without spoiling the diet. A study at Penn State University found physically active women, ages 18–45, consider jerky as more convenient and satisfying than tortilla chips.

• Chefs are now incorporating jerky into their gourmet dishes. You can find jerky on the menus of high end restaurants in Four Seasons hotels and others throughout the country.

About the Beef Jerky Outlet:The Beef Jerky Outlet is the world’s first national beef jerky franchise that has grown to six founder-owned stores, 55 franchise stores, 50 more scheduled to open in the next eighteen months for a total of 105 across the U.S. The Beef Jerky Outlet specializes in more than 200 jerky varieties and sizes including kangaroo, alligator, venison and elk with exotic flavors ranging from Moonshine to Cajun. Founders Paul Lyons and Scott Parker recognized the nation’s sudden passion for beef jerky and opened the first franchise in Destin, Florida. The dried, smoked meat has traditionally been the #1 favorite snack of the military and for years NASA sent jerky up to the astronauts in space. Today, jerky is selling like crazy with the general population because of America’s demand for low fat, low calories foods that are high in protein. IRI, a Chicago based market research firm, reports sales of jerky jumped 46 percent from 2009-2013, catapulting it to a $1.24 billion industry. For more information, please visit

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