Brazzlebox logoSYRACUSE, N.Y., March 15, 2016 – Brazzlebox, the community network for small and home-based businesses, has announced the national launch of its newest platform on March 15, 2016. Small business owners can join for free at It only takes only 60 seconds to join to instantly, get immersed into their small business community and start being a part of the conversation.

“We have done something revolutionary,” said Glen Zinszer, CEO of Brazzlebox. “We have removed the dreaded request/approve connection process. We’ve noticed that every member in a small business community always connected with everyone else, so we removed that necessity. Small businesses are automatically positioned with other small businesses within a radius of their choosing.” 

Once inside Brazzlebox members can quickly develop their display page, ask questions, gain knowledge and resources, welcome new members to their community, post pictures of their product or service, offer deals and share their events. By partnering with companies like The UPS Stores, StreetShares, flok and Grasshopper, Brazzlebox is able to provide exclusive deals to their members they would not find anywhere else.

About Brazzlebox:  Brazzlebox, established and headquartered out of Syracuse, NY, is a community network for small and home-based business owners. Whatever you can do alone you can do faster together.

By Zen Chi

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