Invent Your Future Paul David WalkerLong Beach, CA, March, 2016 – Executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs, Paul David Walker’s coaching style is inimitable! By first discovering the unique talents of leaders, he then creates a strategic plan to help them meet their goals in ways that feel natural. His leadership coaching has helped create visionaries, and he shares many valuable insights to finding success in his new book, Invent Your Future – Starting With Your Calling (High Point Executive Publications).   

Testament that his practices work is reflected in the comments of business leaders he has interviewed:

•    Build Your Early Life Around Your Greatest Potential: When your entire life is ahead of you, the earlier you make the right choices to focus your youthful energy, the more rewarding, productive, and meaningful your life will become. “Probably the hardest thing for me was to recognize who I was. Once I knew my natural gifts, I started painting the picture of my future.” Bill McGinnis, CEO, NTS Corporation

•    Mid-Life Acceleration – Continuously Invent an Expanding Future: Making the right moves with your experience and lessons during your peak earning years will leverage the trajectory of your life. “My biggest challenge was the transition from being a great cook to teaching and leading.” David LeFevre, Chef and Owner of three renowned restaurants

•    Enrich Your Life with Freedom and Renewed Purpose:

Focusing your wisdom to enrich your full potential and experience to live with a powerful purpose is the secret to happiness and fulfillment. “It is when I am connected to my purpose that I am at my best. I have access to an intelligence beyond myself.” Larry Senn, Founder of Senn-Delany Leadership (Just turned 80)

Among the many lessons learned in his book, Walker also details strategies to:

• Discover your calling and the answers that become crucial to your future

• Paint compelling pictures for you and others to follow

• Build commitment among those who will support you

• Respond rather than simply react to reality, creating greater success

• Master inner stillness to power your life

A trusted business advisor, Paul David Walker is one of the early innovators of leadership consulting at the executive level. For over twenty-five years he has successfully guided the CEOs and senior executive teams of such Fortune 500 and midsized companies as New York Life, Mutual of Omaha, Chase GIS, Finance One, Pacific Mutual, Rockwell International, Conexant Systems, Harrods, Anne Klein, Union Pacific, Star-Kist Foods, The City of Long Beach, Culver Studios and many other thriving organizations.

The author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations, Paul also has a deeply spiritual side as evidenced by three poetry books published to date. Paul’s poetry is both deeply personal and full of mystery ─ written to create a personal exploration of what is deep in our hearts, yet unknown, or may have been glimpsed and forgotten.

Available at and major online outlets

Invent Your Future – Starting With Your Calling

By Paul David Walker

High Point Executive Publications

ISBN-13: 978-0986158513

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