Patients with High Deductibles Receive Help with Lab Costs

Baton Rouge, LA: Consumers now have free access to a novel online service that significantly lowers blood test prices for patients. Patients simply bring a free savings card to their physician in order to save an average of 75% on lab tests. The free card can be downloaded from and may be used in 48 states. Patients pay a fraction of the retail lab price online, then visit one of the more than 1,800 lab locations available across the US to process their labs.

“This really works! When I use Discount Diagnostics my patients go to our local lab but only pay half of what the local lab normally charges” – Dr Bill S. Dallas, TX

“I have a high deductible that I’ll never meet each year so paying $60 for lab tests instead of $160 makes good sense to me.” – Jill K. Pensacola, FL

The healthcare professionals who developed this unique concept created the idea two years ago. “Now, we have a novel online service that enables healthcare providers to order lab tests for patients at significantly reduced prices. We are first on the market with this exact concept and service”, says founder David Deshotels. Providers track lab orders and results securely online and patients pay less than half of the retail price while getting to choose a local lab to process their lab tests. It is a win, win for everyone!

  • High Deductible plans require patients to pay before insurance pays so this service reduces costs, making it easier for patients to afford lab tests and medications.
  • The service is simple, quick and secure for Providers and Patients.
  • Future plans involve adding reduced prices for x-ray, MRI, and Ultrasound.
  • The online company can reduce retail prices of service for patients due to its national contracts with laboratories and pharmacies.
  • Patients use a free Lab Savings Card similar to the many Discount Prescription Cards on the market in order to obtain reduced prices for lab tests ordered by doctors. 

Discount DiagnosticsRx: An online health services company focused on reducing pharmacy and laboratory/diagnostic prices for consumers. The founder of the company has over 25 years of pharmacy and 10 years of laboratory operations experience. Discount Diagnostics provides a service whose demand is growing every year due to the changes in healthcare that shifts more of the upfront cost of healthcare services to the consumer.

By Zen Chi

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