Bill Pavlacka The Sand Castle Man

On a recent weekend visit to Coronado to introduce my wife and son to the world famous Hotel Del Coronado, we happened to stumble across (almost literally) a super talented artist named Bill Pavlacka.  The media that Bill uses for his art is different than most – he uses beach sand – and makes sand castles.  Not just your regular every day type of sand castles, but super awesome and totally rad sand structures that bear messages, dates, events, and even corporate logos.

He was building his second sand castle of the day when we first saw him – getting ready to carve a corporate logo into a sand castle he had been commissioned to create.  It didn’t take too much cajoling to distract him enough to walk Bill Pavlacka The Sand Castle Manover to his first masterpiece of that particular day to pose for some photos.  He’s obviously proud of his work and he should be.

While he is “at work”, building magnificent sand creations, he usually keeps a photo book out with pictures of some of his most amazing work.  As an entrepreneur and an artist, he makes sure to keep a tip jar out so that those who appreciate his work (there are A LOT of us) can honor him and his legendary work with tips of varying amounts.

According to his website at, Bill can be found on the beach by the Hotel Del on most days – and he has been building sand castles as a hobby for over 30 years.  It’s no wonder that he’s won several sand castle building contests and been hired to create his masterpieces for weddings, parties, corporate events and more.

To hire Bill Pavlacka The Sand Castle Man, give him a call at (619) 252-0392 or send him an email to – or just head over to Coronado Island and the beach by the Hotel Del and look for his latest creations.

By Zen Chi

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