KING 5 raises the curtain on local news with a curbside studio in the heart of SoDo.  
(you read this here first because this was release sent to us under ’embargo’ and we say on our website, we do not know what that is)
Seattle, Wash., February 15, 2016:  Western Washington’s first, highest rated and most decorated media company is now its newest, brightest and most interactive.  KING 5 Television lit up a new era of local television this morning from the heart of Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood. 
The new location includes sweeping views of Seattle’s growing skyline and Olympic Mountains.  Floor to ceiling windows promise bright light and a bright future for The Home Team.  But the location’s greatest feature is right at street level: a state of the art broadcast studio that overlooks the corner of First Avenue South and Edgar Martinez Drive. 
“Scouting a new location for The Home Team was a huge responsibility, but from our first visit to Home Plate Center, we knew where we wanted to be,” said Ray Heacox, President and General Manager.
“More specifically, we knew exactly where our future studio would be.  It’s a dynamic space that will energize our staff and give the community never-before-seen access to local news in the market.” 
KING 5 is much more than a traditional television station. Over the last decade, The Home Team cultivated the most engaged online audience of any media outlet in the market.  The new studio extends the experience of interactivity to our television viewers by raising the curtain on local news and inviting the community to take a look.
One key addition to the studio is the Microsoft Surface Hub, a first-of-its-kind collaboration device that features an 84-inch, 4K touch-screen display with pen and touchscreen capabilities that will make KING 5 News more interactive and engaging.
“This technology is so much faster and more responsive than the production elements we’re used to,” said.” Cheryl Carson, KING 5 News Director.     
“The Surface Hub is a game changer for KING 5 News and we’re very excited the team at Microsoft is trusting us to share it with you.”
From every angle, KING 5’s new home is a look at the future of local media.  Staff can now enjoy the benefit of collaborative work spaces, streamlined workflows and the very latest interactive, large screen technology.
But as we write the next chapter for KING 5, the people who brought us here are not forgotten.  The newsroom now shared by KING, KONG and NWCN is formally and forever dedicated to our founder, Dorothy Bullitt.
NOTE: The final broadcast from KING 5’s former studio at 333 Dexter Ave N. will take place Friday, February 12, from 11:00-11:30 P.M.
KING 5, The Home Team is a multi-platform media company and NBC affiliate based in Seattle, WA.  KING was the first television station in the Pacific Northwest, founded in 1948 by Dorothy Bullitt, now owned by TEGNA Inc.  Today KING 5 is the dominant media company in the region, delivering the largest local news audience, the most local programming and a combined 30 million monthly page views of our digital platforms.   For more information, go to

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