The world’s largest manufacturer of premium cinema seating, VIP Cinema Seating, has announced yet another major production expansion, the second within a year, which will vastly expand manufacturing capacity while maintaining VIP’s commitment to American-made quality.

Since VIP’s introduction of luxury reclining seating to the theatre industry in 2008, they have completed over 200 projects, amid a dramatically expanding market as theatre owners recognize the value of luxury seating in the cinema-going experience.
Advanced technology and service, along with outstanding comfort, drive VIP success, notes Stephen Simons, VIP CEO. “VIP’s customized solutions allow theatres to provide the exceptional comfort that today’s movie goers demand, in a process that perfectly suits the theatre owner.”
The new expansion involved the acquisition of a fifth manufacturing plant, a 185,000-sq.-ft. facility in New Albany, Mississippi. All together this year, the company has added more than 330,000 square feet of manufacturing space to create a manufacturing operation that spreads out over 600,000 sq. ft.; the VIP manufacturing team currently numbers over 400 people and is located in the U.S.A.
“Our growth comes down to one important factor,” Simons notes. “Unparalleled service and commitment. We provide solutions that are the perfect fit, both for the movie-goer and for the theatre owner. Our team of design, engineering and service professionals approaches each job from every angle to create a truly custom solution that works. And we do it right here in America. We were the first to supply luxury reclining seating when no one else thought it could be done, and we never subscribed to the idea that out-sourcing was the best route for the highest quality. We’re an American company committed to American-made quality.”

By Zen Chi

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