Los Angeles, CA, August 3, 2015  – MOOVZ, a global LGBT social platform (the first real social network for the LGBT community) created by Interacting Technology, announced today the official launch of their new global campaign. MOOVZ is a forward-thinking, cool and unique social platform aimed to change the way gay men and women, transgender and questioning persons,

communicate and unify. This one-of-a-kind social platform, available for download on Google Play and iTunes, targets the LGBT population and is designed to connect communities worldwide.

This new and innovative global platform has been described as Facebook, Instagram and Tinder combined into one application for the benefit of the LGBT community. The MOOVZ app contains unique platform capabilities for its LGBT users and has provided groundbreaking results in a very short period of time. For example, MOOVZ members can create customized profiles for location based social discovery, add members as friends, exchange messages, post status updates, photos and videos. Users may join common interest user groups and an array of discussions called #MOMENTS, where subscribers can connect and stay connected with other users that share the same  commonalities.
The MOOVZ app co-founder and CEO, Liav Eliash says, “Our goal is to connect the entire worldwide LGBT community and change the way LGBT individuals meet and interact.” Eliash continues, “The MOOVZ app will allow members to share their memories, make new friends, discover interesting stories and keep up with their community anytime, anywhere.”
Proving its substantial impact in the digital space, MOOVZ has acquired more than 1 million users within only a few months of launching. They have also seen over 200 million interactions between their users, garnered 5 million posts and comments from their subscribers, and simultaneously created a global community all within the beginning stages of their beta testing. Thousands of gay, lesbian, transgender and questioning persons are undoubtedly connecting with MOOVZ every day, making it today’s premiere LGBT social platform. In fact, the social platform has officially launched a new viral ad campaign that targets key markets throughout the United States, highlighting dozens different LGBT icons from all over the world. After having much success in Latina America and Asia, the new campaign follows the new app version just launched by MOOVZ and features a new user interface, relevant content worlds, an improved relevance engine, among many other additional features.
The MOOVZ social platform was ultimately created with a vision to provide the global LGBT community a common space to feel free to speak, free to share and free to be. Now welcoming the American LGBT community and supporting it with unique content areas and collaborations with top-tier community influencers, they have effectively built a one-of-a-kind social platform that will change the way individuals communicate and unify. MOOVZ’ innovative, visually creative platform was designed to satisfy their users needs and demands, and allows people from all over the world to unite based on shared interests, common beliefs and like-minds, all on one platform.
Download the MOOVZ app here: https://moovz.com/r/2015
Watch MOOVZ campaign videos:
You’re Gay, Now What?
You’re Lesbian, Now What?

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