PicsArt’s latest iOS update also introduces new Lens Blur Effects, Animated .gifs, Filters, and Square Fit Tool updates features to help people around the world connect and create original, beautiful artwork.

San Francisco, Calif. — PicsArt, the company behind the world’s leading mobile creative community, today announces the integration of FiftyThree’s award winning stylus, Pencil. Available on all iOS devices, Pencil is a Bluetooth stylus modeled after the iconic carpenter’s pencil, and combines advanced technology with beautiful design. A built-in eraser means you simply flip Pencil over to erase, and the unique tapered tip allows for intuitive, settings-free control of line widths. Integration with Pencil by FiftyThree allows the PicsArt community to continue to master their digital painting skills and create beautiful, unique artwork to share globally with PicsArt.

PicsArt has grown to become one of the largest mobile creative communities in the world, with over 65M monthly active users. This latest update for iOS devices introduces several new features and tools along with Pencil integration, empowering people to beautify their world like never before. These features include:

–Surface Pressure with Pencil: Expressive from every angle, Pencil’s tapered tip allows you to create lines of all sizes without any settings. Use the point for fine details and the angled edge for broad strokes.

–Eraser with Pencil: Be bold and make mistakes. Pencil’s built-in eraser lets you precisely carve away to get at what’s essential. No need to switch tools, just flip Pencil around and erase.

–Lens Blur Effect: A feature exclusively available on PicsArt that works like a real camera to add lens-blur to images, creating more dramatic and expressive shots.

–Animated .gifs: Easily share your latest artwork to PicsArt and other social networks by exporting animated .gifs to deliver step-by-step processes showcasing showcasing your drawing process.

–New Filters: Use new trending filters, including Vibrant and Black & White LowCon to give artwork an interesting look.
Square Fit Tool Update: Users can create square photos and apply colors, blurred or patterned background effects directly to images before being shared to their Instagram followers.

“We want to be sure that we’re consistently providing users with innovative tools to help them generate beautiful artwork,” said PicsArt CEO, Hovhannes Avoyan. “With the FiftyThree Pencil integration and our latest features, we’re able to further empower people to create, discover and share their talents with the community.”

“We created Pencil to help people to think with their hands, to provide a tool that lets ideas flow freely from head to screen,” says Georg Petschnigg, CEO and Co-Founder of FiftyThree. “PicsArt is a company equally committed to removing creative barriers, and we’re excited to see what their community designs using our collective tools.”

PicsArt and FiftyThree will be debuting the latest integration of Pencil at an event on August 4th at FiftyThree’s New York City headquarters. RSVP to the event here – Start beautifying your world today by downloading the PicsArt app from the App Store, Google Play, Amazon or Windows. To learn more, go to

About PicsArt
PicsArt is the largest mobile community of creatives and creative images. The company’s U.S. office is based in San Francisco, California with a focus on enabling anyone to be creative, share, socialize, discover, learn, and be inspired. The app has been installed 220 million times and continues to expand and improve, so anyone can unleash their creativity and discover their inner artist. For more, please visit

About FiftyThree
FiftyThree® is building a new generation of mobile tools for millions of creative thinkers around the world. They are the creators of the breakthrough iPad app Paper, Apple’s App of the Year; Pencil, a digital stylus and winner of two IDSA awards, and Mix, a collaboration service for working with others. FiftyThree is the space to create.

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