FlexJobs creates independent resource to provide information for companies and others interested in leveraging remote work
Boulder, CO, July 8, 2015— In response to the growing interest in remote working across all industries and sizes, FlexJobs has created Remote.co, an independent website that provides information and best practices about starting, training, and managing successful remote workers, teams, and companies. It is designed specifically as a resource for entrepreneurs and companies interested in or already embracing remote work as a significant part of their businesses’ workforce model. 

Experts and leaders from more than 30 top remote companies–including Automattic, GitHub, The Cheat Sheet, Fire Engine RED, Geller Law Group, and Trello–candidly share on Remote.co their firsthand understandings of building and managing remote teams, including both the benefits and the challenges.  These companies (and others) have contributed their insights, lessons learned, and advice in the interest of helping other forward-thinking companies to learn from their experiences. 
“Remote work is an increasingly important part of the modern workplace, and yet there hasn’t been much information available on best practices and strategies for companies who want to go remote. As the founder and CEO of a remote company myself, I am proud to collaborate with other remote leaders to share what we’ve learned and to inspire other companies to see the opportunity available with remote work,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder of Remote.co and Founder/CEO of FlexJobs. “Remote.co is devoted to the entire life cycle of the distributed model, so any company or entrepreneur seriously interested in remote work can rely on it as a comprehensive and useful resource.”
Remote.co consists of three main sections:
  1. Q&As: Leaders at mostly or completely distributed companies provide in-depth answers to a variety of questions, such as building remote company culture, BYOD and vacation policies, communication and collaboration tools, transparency, goal setting, productivity concerns, human resource issues, and many others.
  2. Blog: Updated regularly, content will focus on three main categories–the benefits of growing remotely; how to build remotely; how to manage remotely–and address challenges per industry verticals.
  3. Job listings: A place where like-minded companies and professionals can post, search, and apply to remote job listings. 
Remote working has been more often understood as having benefits for employees, but companies that utilize remote work experience significant benefits, such as cost savings, increased productivity and stronger retention rates.  These, and others, are why companies are incorporating remote work into their business models
“Virtual working is simply part of Lullabot’s DNA,” said Jared Ponchot, Creative Director at Lullabot, one of the contributors to Remote.co. “Creativity is paramount in what we do, and a great benefit of this model is that people can lean into their own natural rhythms and take ownership of their work environments to produce amazing work.”
“Creating a successful, engaged virtual workforce didn’t happen overnight for Automattic and maintaining it takes work, but it’s worth it,” said Lori McLeese at Automattic.  “We’re able to hire a stronger, more diverse workforce that is more productive and happier at their jobs.”
For more information visit: https://remote.co 
To request additional information, please contact Kathy Gardner at kgardner@flexjobs.com.  
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About Remote.co
Remote.co is an independent website that provides information and best practices about starting, developing, and managing successful remote workers, teams, and companies. Designed specifically as the definitive resource for companies interested in or already embracing remote work as part of their business model, Remote.co is the leading space for innovative conversations around remote work.
About FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the leading online service for professionals seeking telecommuting, flexible schedule, part-time, and freelance jobs. With flexible job listings in over 100 career categories, and opportunities ranging from entry-level to executive, freelance to full-time, FlexJobs offers job-seekers a safe, easy, and efficient way to find professional and legitimate flexible job listings. Having helped over one million people in their job searches, FlexJobs has appeared on CNN and Marketplace Money and in TIME, Forbes, Fortune and many other trusted media outlets. 

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