Las Vegas, NV – July 16, 2015: This July, Merchant Cash USA launches to help small business owners get the capital they desperately need to run successful operations.  
Merchant Cash USA provides cash advances to businesses who are in need of financial support. One of the main goals of Merchant Cash USA is to cut out the red tape involved with applying for a bank loan, which can be very tedious. Most banks will not even provide any type of funding for new businesses.  

Alex Zukovski, a successful entrepreneur who owns many businesses in the Las Vegas area and is the founder of Merchant Cash USA, found that big banks were not eager to help when he had the idea for his first company. 
“When I started my first marketing sales company, I was desperate for the capital needed to hire people, get supplies, and build the business from the ground up,” said Zukovski . “I got rejected time and time again from larger banks because the business hadn’t been around for more than a few months. I finally turned to family and friends to invest in my endeavor, and got the funds I needed to successfully launch that company. Years later, here I am starting my own cash advance organization because I believe in what a cash advance can do for small business owners across America, who may not have the resources necessary to get funding elsewhere.”    
After applying for an advance with Merchant Cash USA, potential customers receive a same day response with financing and payment options. There are no collateral requirements, and funding is  deposited to the company’s bank account in typically a week or less. 
Companies using Merchant Cash USA make daily repayments based off a percentage of debit/credit card sales, and these repayments can range from three months to two years, depending on how successful a business is. One important aspect of a cash advance is that companies pay a fixed percentage of daily sales —  therefore, during slow or busy months you can pay either less or more of your repayment.  
About Merchant Cash USA   

Merchant Cash USA was founded in 2015 to help businesses grow by obtaining the cash flow they need. The organization’s mission is to offer small to medium size business owners cash advances without the hassle of big bank requirements. Visit to find out more or find us on social media. Facebook and Google Plus: Merchant Cash USA and Twitter: @merchcash. 

By Zen Chi

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