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An entrepreneurial Brit is shaking up the internet with an online magazine that shines the spotlight on a myriad of contemporary topics, from business, economics, finance and real estate to arts, innovations, reviews and commodities. Founded by Derin Cag, RichTopia Ltd has just been officially incorporated and is already enjoying exceptionally fast growth and traffic from across the globe.

As well as covering developments in the global financial world RichTopia also explores a handful of niche categories such as retirement advice, female leaders, futuristic investments and African economies. At its core, the diversification of content is designed to enrich the lives of readers, both on a personal and financial level.
Cag says, “ Rather than settle for long-standing digital publications such as Forbes, WSJ or Business Insider, I’m encouraging business minded browsers to branch out and try a fresh new content source. RichTopia is an enigmatic alternative that is guaranteed to spice up the online experience.”
Site contributors include top leaders and thinkers from around the world. Think Stephen Shapiro, author and advisor to global companies such as NASA, Nike and Microsoft, Kara Goldin, CEO and Founder of Hint Inc., Dr. Suzanne Rosselet, international professor and former Deputy Director of IMD’s World Competitiveness Centre and a cornucopia of other professionals. 
Together they create a dynamic online platform that offers browsers informative and insightful articles, reviews, videos and more. Walt Freese, the CEO of Stonyfield Farm and a former-CEO of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is also a fan, saying “ RichTopia… is a breath of fresh and enlightening air in what is so often the formulaic world of journalism.”
Cag has rubbed shoulders with former News of the World editor, Andy Coulson, read almost 300 books and developed a new infatuation with corporate magazines.

Ingrained with an appreciation for the need to give back to society, Cag embedded RichTopia with an altruistic conscience. The magazine is underpinned by social enterprise roots that see it provide apprentice, training and work experience opportunities to disadvantaged groups. A percentage of profits are always channelled into charitable causes and in the coming years, RichTopia hopes to become a journalism giant with a community oriented edge. As an individual, Cag is also committed to spearheading social enterprise projects. He personally mentors disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed, single-parent families and ex criminals on subjects such as web/graphic design, social media, start-ups, problem-solving, and more.

Like his entrepreneurial predecessors Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, Cag is armed with a vision of building a unique online social enterprise that fosters innovation, creativity and collaboration. RichTopia aims to highlight the human element of the business and finance spheres, while simultaneously making success a reality for every reader.  
Cag has already drummed up a buzzing social media following, with over 10,000+ LinkedIn connections and 20,000+ Twitter followers.

Founded by Derin Cag, RichTopia is an online magazine covering a range of niche topics. The publication has an intrinsic social conscience that sees it provide apprentice, training and work experience opportunities to disadvantaged groups, as well as access to informative and insightful content designed to foster entrepreneurial success. The site has already drummed up a global following and holds its own against blue chip competitors such as Forbes, WSJ or Business Insider. 

By Zen Chi

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