Whether you’re looking for answers to your questions, resources or the latest advice, we’ve explored the internet to find the most useful websites for entrepreneurs. 
London, UK, (July 16, 2015) – The introduction of the world wide web has helped shape a generation of entrepreneurs. With a quick search on google, or the click of a button, most entrepreneurs can find answers to their questions. 
Before the internet, many people believed entrepreneurs were born and not made. Some may even still believe this to be true, but with the right help and a good idea, it is possible for anyone to become an entrepreneur. 

The bad news however, is that you will probably risk everything you have, work double the hours and get less pay and no holidays. 
But, for those willing to take the jump and reap the rewards, here are five of the best websites that every entrepreneur should visit regularly.
  1. Quora.com
When you choose to become an entrepreneur, there is no doubt about it, you’re going to have a lot of questions! With that in mind, it is no surprise that question and answer websites have become increasingly more popular. One site in particular, Quora, has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm. Many entrepreneurs return to the site daily to receive answers to their business questions. Entrepreneurs can join for free and have their questions answered by other people from the Quora community that have experience in the same industry.
Currently the Quora community has a number of well known people including; Stephen Fry, Ashton Kutcher, Dustin Moskovitz and Marc Andreessen to name a few. 
So, if you’re looking for an answer to your business question, then check out the site that was developed by two former employees of Mark Zuckerberg. 
  1. LinkedIn Pulse
Any entrepreneur on LinkedIn will tell you that Pulse is worth viewing. It was created to ensure that entrepreneurs can view business news on tablets or mobile phones quickly and easily.
But, it’s not just a great way to read news, it’s also a great way to promote your own skills and knowledge to a group of professionals. 
As you would expect from LinkedIn, Pulse is a fantastic way to network and reach more people. The founder of Pulse, Akshay Kothari explains; “As an author, you have this amazing potential to reach millions of people really interested in what you’ve written about. It really goes beyond a few hundred or thousand connections you have.”
  1. ForEntrepreneurs.com
Many people will have heard of David Skok, five time serial entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist at Matrix Partners. But, every serious entrepreneur would have come across his blog ‘ForEntrepreneurs.com’. Designed for startups and entrepreneurs, this blog focuses on the key issues that every first time entrepreneur will go through; starting with how to get funding, getting your business off the ground and then growing it into a successful venture. 
Apart from the five successful businesses under David’s belt, why should entrepreneurs trust David Skok? We headed to his LinkedIn page to see what people say about him. This quote seemed to sum up most recommendations. 
“Some people just think about the future; others help bring it about. David’s one of those gifted futurists who actually acts on the vast technological foresight he possesses: utility computing, datacenter virtualization, wireless & mobility, offshoring, RFID, security – you name it, he probably already has an investment play in it. Simply put: his watch is set about 3 years ahead of anyone else’s.” From Jeremy Geelan, Congerence Chair, Industry of Things World 2015. 
  1. RichTopia.com 
Next we head over to RichTopia which was launched 8 months ago by fellow entrepreneur Derin Cag. RichTopia is essentially an online magazine, filled with business, economic and financial news. Many people turn to Derin and RichTopia on a daily basis for advice on marketing, sales, guidance and opinions.
Even though this site is relatively new it has already attracted a huge following. In fact, Derin has amassed over 10,000 LinkedIn followers and 20,000 Twitter followers thanks to his thought provoking and insightful articles. 
But, don’t just take our word for it, the site has received positive comments from many successful business men and women from across the globe. Including this statement from former Ben & Jerry’s CEO, Walt Freese; “RichTopia is a breath of fresh and enlightening air in what is so often the formulaic world of journalism.”
Don’t be fooled though, this site doesn’t just benefit those already successful in business, but those trying to build on their businesses too. Antonia Oprita owner of Marketmoving.info said: 
“Derin is one of the best digital communicators I know. He is able to grow traffic to a website really fast, combining social media with traditional media and coming up with new ways of doing things. He is really passionate about reinventing the online space; it has been a real pleasure to exchange ideas with him.”
  1. AudienceBloom.com 
Finally we get to AudienceBloom. com which has without a doubt the best resources section we have come across. The site regularly share the best white papers, eBooks and business tools to ensure an entrepreneur succeeds.
CEO and Founder of the site, Jayson DeMers also shares his advice in a number of large media outlets that include Forbes, Entrepreneur.com and The Wall Street Journal. 
A visit to AudienceBloom.com will save any entrepreneur copious amounts of time. If it’s worth knowing, DeMers will share it with you on the resource section of his site. 
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