Save time with the most powerful electric blower vacs available*
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (Fall 2015) Don’t let stubborn leaves and other unruly yard debris clog up your free time this fall. Speed up lawn work with 
Toro electric blower vacs. These powerful, yet lightweight, machines feature multiple options to simplify end-of-season clean up. Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on your wrist, they offer the swiftest way to prep your yard for spring.

Featuring a maximum air speed of 250 mph, the UltraPlus Blower Vac (model 51621) easily powers through leaves. Its oscillating nozzle and leaf-shredding attachment deliver top-of-the-line, time-saving performance. In the blower mode, the oscillating nozzle quickly sweeps the air back and forth to clear a wider path on hard surfaces. This eliminates the need to rely on your wrists to direct the blower.
The UltraPlus Blower Vac’s Shredz-All Shred Ring creates a fine mulch, reducing up to 97% of debris to less than ½ inch**. That means you’ll spend less time emptying the bag. And with this blower vac’s maximum air volume of 410 cfm, you’ll have plenty of power to get the job done. The UltraPlus Blower Vac retails for $99.99 (USD).
The Toro Ultra Blower Vac (model 51619) enables you to simply set the right air speed for any task. Its variable speed control adjusts from a low air speed of 100 mph to a top air speed of 250 mph. The Ultra Blower Vac also includes Toro’s state-of-the-art, metal impeller that shreds leaves into fine mulch, reducing 88% of debris down to less than ½ inch** when used in the vacuum mode.
Both models feature multiple blower tubes for tailoring the unit to your specific task. The main tube is great for clearing debris from around the house, shrubs and other landscaping. Use the power insert to take on strong winds or to help create piles. The concentrator tube clears out cracks, edging and heavy, wet leaves. The Ultra Blower Vac retails for $79.99 (USD).
The Toro Super Blower Vac (model 51618) revs up to a top air speed of 225 mph and incorporates a concentrator tube to help clear stubborn leaves and other debris. When used in the vacuum mode, the Super Blower Vac’s durable, plastic impeller reduces 81% of debris to less than ½ inch.** Suggested retail for the Super Blower Vac is $69.99 (USD).
The Toro Rake & Vac (model 51617) has an air speed of 215 mph. It has a durable plastic impeller that reduces 76% of debris to ½ inch** when used in the vacuum mode, and comes with a concentrator tube attachment. It retails for $64.99 (USD).
The Toro Power Sweep (model 51585) features a top air speed of 160 mph at the high-speed setting and 130 mph at the low-speed setting. At only 4.6 pounds, the Power Sweep is the perfect tool for clearing leaves and debris from sidewalks, decks and driveways. The suggested retail price is $39.99 (USD).
All five models are backed by a two-year full warranty. See your owner’s manual for full warranty details. Look for these blower vacs at For more information regarding the complete line of Toro electric blower vacs and other Toro products, contact Toro at (USA) 1-888-384-9939,(Canada) 1-800-544-5364, or visit
*For comparison purposes only. Performance claims based on controlled laboratory testing.
**Debris reduction varies with material type and its condition. Performance claims based on controlled laboratory testing. 
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