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Take the work out of summer and fall clean-up tasks with the Toro UltraPlus Blower Vac. From the most powerful electric blower vac brand on the market*, Toro’s highest-performing UltraPlus (model 51621) provides powerful and precise handling to quickly clear leaves and debris from your yard and landscaping with little effort.
The UltraPlus conveniently combines a high-performance blower, vacuum and leaf shredder into one machine. Its smart, ergonomic design saves you time and wrist fatigue by enabling

you to add attachments to simplify tasks. For example, in blower mode, you can clear a wider path easily with an innovative oscillating nozzle, which uses differential air pressure to swiftly sweep the air back and forth.

Whether you’re taking on stubborn leaves or cleaning out edging and cracks, the UltraPlus offers multiple tubes to properly match air volume to your task. The main tube makes quick work of leaves piled near the house or trapped in landscaping.
The power insert helps move debris into the wind and focuses the air stream to help create piles. The concentrator tube drives the air to help free stubborn leaves and clean out edging or cracks. Variable speed control allows you to dial the air speed anywhere from 100 mph to a maximum air speed of 250 mph, perfect for handling debris on different surface types.
When it’s time to vacuum, the quick-release latch easily switches the blower into vacuum mode without the need for tools. The patented Shredz-All ShredRing works with the metal impeller to pulverize leaves and other yard waste into fine mulch,  reducing up to 97% of debris down to less than ½ inch.** That means you’ll spend less time emptying the new easy-to-open, bottom zipper bag.
Even storing your new UltraPlus blower is easy. Simply put all the components into the vacuum bag and hang everything on the wall.
UltraPlus Blower Vac is available at for only $99 with free shipping.
The UltraPlus Blower Vac is backed by a two-year full warranty. See the owner’s manual for full warranty details. 
*For comparison purposes only. Performance claims based on controlled laboratory testing.
**Debris reduction varies with material type and its condition. Performance claims based on controlled laboratory testing. 
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The Toro Company (NYSE: TTC) is a leading worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the outdoor environment including turf, snow and ground engaging equipment, and irrigation and outdoor lighting solutions. With sales of $2.2 billion in fiscal 2014, Toro’s global presence extends to more than 90 countries.  Through constant innovation and caring relationships built on trust and integrity, Toro and its family of brands have built a legacy of excellence by helping customers care for golf courses, landscapes, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties and agricultural fields. For more information, visit 

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