Wow – it looks like I should be writing here more often.  Last post was 2012 and before that it was 2007.  Guess this is my 2nd post here in 8 years …

Well, there has been been quite a bit going on for Eastside Business.  Bellevue Business Journal has been getting a lot of visitors and web traffic and has actually been in demand for advertisers and people who want to get found on Google and the search engines.

Bellevue Business Directory was also building some momentum.  Then it happened.  My web hosting account was hacked and many of my sites went down.  I’d spend a bunch of time to fix them and then it would happen again.  I literally lost more than two weeks trying to keep ahead of those fricking bastards.

In the end, I decided to change hosting companies and that worked … for a couple of days.  Now there are all under attack again and it’s hard to keep up – although I have.

I’m getting tired of playing defense and not being able to write and post all the cool stuff people send me about their businesses in Bellevue and on the Eastside of Lake Washington.  Yesterday I revisited my account here at Blogger and realized that I have some long running blogs here.  Could it be possible to actually move my sites to Blogger where they will be safe and sound (and protected by Google)?

In the meantime you can visit Eastside Business Journal, the all new Eastside Business Directory, and the all new Free Press Release Site at

Oh by the way, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel – please do!  I’m in a subscriber contest with Stacia Loo and really want to win!

By Zen Chi

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