Pebblebee HoneyPebblebee has announced the launch of their first personal item tracker, The Pebblebee Honey the most affordable and helpful Bluetooth trackers on the market, with features that accurately track your valuables using a free iOS or Android phone app. The Honey is available at a big-box retail store in all of its nearly 1,800 nationwide locations, as well as online at

“We’ve just come off of a successful Kickstarter campaign where more than 3,000 Kickstarter backers supported us with nearly $220,000 to help take us to this level where we could offer the Pebblebee Honey to users across the nation,” said Daniel Daoura, co-founder and CEO of Pebblebee. “We are excited for this national launch of our first, of many, products.”

The silver dollar-sized Honey is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can be attached to personal items allowing users to track their belongings. This creates the peace of mind that if an item gets misplaced, it can be quickly and easily found. The Honey can be attached to just about anything that’s of personal value including keys, wallets, kids’ backpacks, luggage, laptops, bikes, and even the family dog. It has a range of 150 feet, the longest on the market, and is equipped with varying range alerts that notify the user when the Honey reaches a pre-determined distance.

Pebblebee utilizes its patented range finder to communicate with iPhone or Android phones to help users track their tagged items to within feet of the hidden location. The user can then buzz the Honey’s loud speaker or flash the LED light to locate the lost item within seconds. In the case a phone gets misplaced, the device has a multi-functional button that will sound the phone’s alarm, as long as the phone is not on silent. The other pre-programmed function of the button is to act as a remote camera shutter, increasing the potential for better phone pictures.

In the case that the Honey goes out of range, Pebblebee uses its patented Crowd GPS™ system which turns other Pebblebee users into a personal worldwide lost and found, automatically and securely creating a network-wide search party. The Crowd GPS alerts users when another Pebblebee app comes within range of a lost Honey. The user can then view where the lost item was last seen on Google Maps, making it easy to locate. Users can also add friends to their “Hive” to securely share the location of their Honey— for example, alerting them to the hiding spot of the extra house keys.  

The HoneyTM Features:

      Buzz Speaker: A loud buzzer to assist in finding lost items

      Flash LED: An internal LED that lights up to assist in locating items in the dark

      Multifunction button that can be used as a remote camera shutter or find your phone

      Temperature sensor: Built in temperature monitor provides thermal readings in real-time

      Water resistant

      Includes replaceable large capacity CR2430 button battery (lasts up to one year)

The Pebblebee mobile application (free, available for Android and iOS Bluetooth 4.0 equipped devices) allows for limitless monitoring on-the-go and can simultaneously manage several Pebblebee Honeys. A selection of its features includes:

             Range Finder to assist in locating items

             Access from multiple phones and tablets

             Cloud support

             Crowd GPS – Lost function to enable Pebblebee network to securely help you find your items

             Sharing functionality with friends

             Range alerts

             Location paired alerts

             Privacy mode

The Honey will be available for $19.99 or in a three pack for $49.99 at the nation-wide retailer and on for $24.99 or $124.95 for a six pack.

About Pebblebee

The Pebblebee was created out of necessity in 2012 after co-founder Nick Pearson-Franks confided in co-founder Daniel Daoura that his toddler had started hiding everything around the house and he needed a way to cut down on time spent finding his lost items. Daoura and Pearson-Franks became committed to creating the most affordable and empowering Bluetooth Tracker and Sensor. With more than 3,000 Kickstarter backers raising nearly $220,000, Pebblebee became a reality. For more information about Pebblebee, please visit

Based in Kirkland, Wash., Pebblebee is the only Bluetooth tracker company that engineers its own beacon technology. This allows the company to respond quicker to customer feedback making their product more customer friendly every day. They can also add new innovative functions at will and provide customized tracking solutions to all types of businesses. For more information about Pebblebee, please visit

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