The Single Heart SeriesContemporary romance author Vi Zetterwall is no stranger to dreaming up stories.  As a child, her sister would encourage her to tell herself a story until she fell asleep.  It’s twenty-eight years later and Zetterwall, author of The Single Heart Series, is still telling stories.  She decided a year ago to write novellas – not one, but twelve – with the caveat of completing the entire series within a year.

While many series are based on characters, Zetterwall’s The Single Heart Series follows The Coin of Luck in Life and Love.  In each book, the female lead receives the coin.  Each book celebrates life and love in Seattle, and the coin plays a significant role in the journey and choices these women make.  Afterwards, the coin is passed on to someone new, which in turn, drives the plot to the next book.

“Amazon has made it easy for authors to publish their work,” says Zetterwall. While she originally began writing a novel, her labor of love (at 200 pages) wasn’t even a quarter of the way written.  She worked on it for 7 years and she says “It’s still collecting dust.”

Upon seeing the activity on Amazon, Zetterwall decided to write novellas (35,000 to 65,000 words). She found that she could deliver the shorter novellas quickly, and reviews from her readers show that Zetterwall has created a dedicated following.  Common threads from reviewers compliment Zetterwall on her writing style, dialogues and unexpected twists.

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The Single Heart Series
By Vi Zetterwall
Publisher:  CC Productions
Available online: 

The Single Heart Series by Vi Zetterwall
•    January and the Single Heart: A tale of serendipity and new love
•    February and the Single Heart: A tale of deception and two lost hearts
•    March and the Single Heart: A tale of unrequited love and final redemption
•    April and the Single Heart: A tale of misplaced passion and new promise
•    May and the Single Heart: A tale of hope and unexpected love
•    June and the Single Heart: A tale of luck and its consequences
•    July and the Single Heart: A tale of hard choices and unforeseen endings
•    August and the Single Heart: A tale of caution and sudden love
•    September and the Single Heart: A tale of a lonely heart’s last chance at love
•    October and the Single Heart: A tale of hearts in sorrow and the path to reversal
•    November and the Single Heart: A tale of mistrust, passion and a fabled blood moon
•    December and the Single Heart: A tale of closure and the peace that comes with it

Also released as:
•    Winter and the Single Heart
•    Spring and the Single Heart
•    Summer and the Single Heart
•    Autumn and the Single Heart

L. Clifford, Amazon review:  “This is the kind of novel that grips your heart and makes you run a gamut of emotions from sadness to hope, anger and happiness… and everything in between. Ms. Zetterwall does a fantastic job of keeping you …  sucked into this heartfelt and gripping novel that is fast-paced and wonderfully entertaining.”

Monica LaSarre, Amazon review: “You can literally feel the crackling between the main characters; their attraction to each other is so real and so strong, it transcends the limitations of the page and fills the room. The author did a very nice job of creating a romance that is so hot, so steamy, and so descriptive; it is a stellar recounting of a love that surpasses everything that has become mundane about today’s works of romantic fiction.”

Booklover, Amazon reviewer: “OK, first let me say I really enjoy this series … The theme is about normal folks who have a love crisis (don’t we all?) and somewhere along the way they come into possession of the Coin of Luck in Life and Love. And it becomes a catalyst for change… In this sixth installment of the series, June Navarro gets the coin and wins the lotto. Vi Zetterwall does a terrific job of developing the character and showing how everyone around her reacts. The downside of winning, I guess you’d call it. Anyway, it is entertaining, a fast and easy read, as all her books are and a nice twist at the end.”

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