Lately there has been a business publication from south King County that has expanded to start an Eastside edition – trying to break into a great market. As you probably know, Eastside Business is locally owned and operated and made it’s debut in March of 2005. This other publication is published by a Renton City Councilman who knows Renton very well.

Out of respect to Denis Law (and mostly to focus entirely on the Eastside), we had previously chosen to stay out of the Renton and the south countymarket. This was before their salespeople started contacting our advertisers. We will now be spreading the word throughout the land about the affordable advertising opportunities provided by Eastside Business. We will continue to focus our news on the great businesses and people on the Eastside, but will allow business to take advantage of our ad rates that are about 1/2 the cost of those in the other paper from Renton.

Our readers and advertisers are the best and thanks to all of you, Eastside Business continues to thrive! Thank you for your support of Eastside Business.

War has been declared on us – and you can be certain that we will respond appropriately. We already fended off advances of one outsider trying to put the local business publication out of business. Let’s see them start to promote some great local organizations like the Bellevue Entreprenuer Center, Eastside Heritage Society, The Trade Fair, The 24 Hour Relay, Hopelink, Kirkland Boys and Girls Club, and many more fantastic Eastside groups.

By Zen Chi

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