I wasn’t able to get to this morning’s grand opening ceremonies for the Westin Bellevue and Lincoln Square, but took my wife and daughter to look around this afternoon.

On our way out of Lincoln Square and down to the hotel, we happened to bump into Kemper Freeman Jr. and I introduced him to Elena and Jackie. Not surprisingly he said pointed out that Jackie was a future shopper (I didn’t bother to tell him that both Elena and Jackie already spend many days and nights at Bellevue Square stores like Victoria’s Secret and Gymboree). I congratulated him on getting the place open and he did seem like he was relieved that it was actually getting done.

Along with Bellevue Square, & Bellevue Place, Lincoln Square is being marketed as part of the “Bellevue Collection” by Kemper and his Kemper Development Corporation. In an article that I read online the other day, they are supposed to be doing a $3-6 million advertising campaign over the next three years in local publications. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt to know that so far none of those advertising dollars are scheduled to be spent with Eastside Business or Eastside Business Monthly, especially after what we’ve already done to help promote Lincoln Square and Westin Bellevue.

I didn’t want to rain on Kemper’s day today, but do want him to realize that Eastside Business would love to be able to continue to support him and his Bellevue Collection, and we would welcome his support for Eastside Business. He might even see some of those dollars back from a “future shopper” …

By Zen Chi

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