A panel of blogging experts including Chris Brownrigg of Boeing, Janet Johnson of Marqui and Brian Ratzliff of www.WhatCounts.com in Seattle, and moderated by Buzz Bruggeman.

The initial discussion involves screening and editing posts. Boeing’s main blog does not accept comments at all. Their marketing (Randy’s Blog) blog does accept comments but only by email.

Brian talks about how only 11% of the current net audience is involved with blogging. He believes that will be a slow build as the new Microsoft Vista operating system that will support RSS feeds is released, as well as new versions of web browsers that will incorporate news aggregators as well.

Janet recommends that all blogs clearly state their mission statement. This will help to keep on topic and relevant.

She also points out What the Lawyers Will Say:
Blog, but be aware of the risks.

The panels talks about bloggers who have had problems with what they have written. There have been cases of people getting fired for making inappropriate comments in their blogs – Buzz points out these are really simply cases of people doing stupid things.

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