This session is being lead by Robert Scoble and Buzz Bruggeman.

They both talk about how blogging is the way that word of mouth networking has evolved.

How do you get a blog to talk about you?
– join in
– link to them
– be interesting
– share information
– don’t write about your product all the time, provide other interesting information, such as how someone is using your product, testimonials,
– have conversations, engage people

Use trackback to find out who is talking about you. is a good place to check for who is writing about you, your competitors and your industry.

When you are interested in developing a working relationship, linkbacks, etc with a blogger, care enough to find out about and know about who you are approaching.

Buzz talks about how both he and Robert are big fans of David Allen.

Scoble talks about people who ask him about how to get more traffic. He says that is not the right way to think – think instead about how to get a few key people to read what you are blogging – that’s what will really bring the traffic.

Buzz said “treat everyone who writes about you as if they’re writing for the New York Times” and Scoble chimes in “they are” … is a site that Scoble likes to use to find new ideas and interesting people.

Buzz recommends the cluetrain manifesto –

He is now talking about the importance of talking (and being nice to) the media … I’m really getting to like this guy 😉 Now is he talking about knowing what the audience is. Both Buzz and Scoble understandably think that press on the web has a lot more impact – I would think this is especially true for companies like theirs that are in a tech business.

Scoble’s new book Naked Conversations will be out January 9th …

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