Question of the Day: Will There Be a Ski Season 2020-2021?

The question of the day is: Will there be a ski season in 2020-2021? And if so, how will ski season 2020-21 be affected by the Coronavirus or Covid-19?

Actually these are the questions I’ve been asking every day lately. In the midst of the global plandemic / pandemic that everyone on the planet has been affected by, I personally need something to look forward to.

Last ski season I missed the entire season due to injuries from a car accident. EVERYONE missed the 2nd half of the 2019-2020 season due to the Chinese virus. One has to think that they will probably not even open any of the ski areas this year, due to all the fear related to the totally overblown (some even say PHONY) coronavirus.

My long time ski buddy up in Washington state is almost positive there won’t be a ski season – but I don’t really listen to him much any more any way, because he is a Trump hating Democrat that thinks he is going to vote for the vegetable named Joe Biden.

In reality, I probably should not be thinking about skiing at all, as I may not be physically up to it anyway … BUT – that doesn’t stop my from dreaming!

I’m seeing an extra long 2020-21 ski season, with lots of powder days and even more bluebird days all over the country – especially in California, Utah, Colorado, Washington and Idaho. But that brings me to my yearly quandry – should I buy the EPIC Pass or the ICON Pass? (They are both bigger and better for the coming season!)